My Desk Wishlist?

Ahaha. Pretty sad really. But I was up in my room thinking how annoying my desk set up is. It just wasn’t comfy. So I migrated downstairs to my mum’s laptop on the kitchen table.. but this is even worse. So. I’ve gone and decided I wanted to up my desk standards.. then I figured, why stop? Why not just go all out and be really geeky.. So I did. And I compiled my “Desk Wishlist” for when I reach Canada and go to set up my new desk. 🙂

First I decided, well.. I’m going to need a laptop. I already have my computer here and can’t take it so no point getting a second computer there that I can’t bring back. So laptop it is. I’m after something with AT LEAST 2GB of RAM and 150GB HDD at a bare minimum. Ultimately I’d love a Macbook or something, but that’s obviously not going to happen. So I’m trying to keep this somewhat realistic. So yeah, a fast and hard working laptop.

Then I remembered how uncomfortable laptops are. Solution, I’m going to take my keyboard & mouse that I already have here for my computer with me. Saves buying them there! I figure I should get myself a laptop stand too. Like this,

laptop stand
Laptop stands seem to be about $20USD or so on

I then figured I’d go all out and be extra nerdy and hook up some dual screens to my laptop.
dual laptop screens
I’m probably looking at about $200USD each per monitor.. + the laptop to computer double splitters shouldn’t be too expensive..

I’d also give myself an iPod cradle dock which is ranging around $10USD on ebay.
iPod cradle dock

I’d probably eventually also want a Wacom drawing tablet, but they’re several hundreds of dollars.. even on ebay.

I’m guessing the set up would end up looking something like this,
desk setup

But I better watch myself before I end up like this person,
epic desk setup

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