Hell yeah! Pokemon Soul Silver & Heart Gold.. WIN!

Pokemon SS & HG

Considering I took this on my broken camera, I think I've got some form of hope for taking photos in Canada..

So, today me and my 7 year old brother set out to get ourselves the new Pokemon game! On a budget! First stop, JB Hi-Fi – just to make sure they still had both versions of Pokemon. JB currently have a trade-in deal where you can trade in two other DS games and get Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver, FREE. Sooo, we went to K-Mart and checked out their clearance section.. seemed they were out of the real cheapies, but we found one there for $10. So we also went over to the store “Game” and had a look at their clearance & pre-owned games.. We bought two copies of “My Horse” for $8 each, and “Luminous Arc” for $9.95. Then we went back to K-Mart and got “My Health Coach: Help Quit Smoking” or something or rather for $10. We peeled off all the price stickers and went back to JB and traded them in for Pokemon HG & SS with no problems at all šŸ™‚

Both guys I talked to at the counter didn’t think I was 18 though.. as usual. “Do you have a parent with you..?” “…no, but I’m 18?” “oh..really? oh.. umm… ohh… sorry… >_>”

Yeah. So you should be. But it’s all good, I got Pokemon for roughly $18 šŸ˜‰ So that definitely made my day. We’ve been playing it all afternoon, we also bred our starters and traded them with each other, so now I have a Cyndaquil and a Totodile – just gotta find someone with a Chikorita… anyone?

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