Day 1: And so it begins..

Well, it’s begun. Right now I’m laying in my top bunk of our beds in the Vancouver Hi-Hostel Central youth hostel…

Anyway! checking in at the airport, my bag was 1kg over. which should have costed me apparently $130. wow. but thankfully the good man serving us ignored it for me! Our trip really took off from Brisbane airport at about 10am on April 21st. Our plane was an hour delayed for take off due to having to wait for people from connecting flights. So instead of leaving at 11, we took off at 11 šŸ™‚

I didn’t sleep at all on the plane, I was too excited by all the movies! I managed to watch Zombieland, Up In The Air, the Time Travellers Wife, the Blind Side, the Hurt Locker, Jennifers Body & half of Michael Jacksons This Is It but it got boring lol. I really enjoyed watching all the movies, the flight went so quickly! usually it feels like FOREVERRRR.

Anywhoo. landed at LAX, got our bags, then went to find our next airline. Now anyone who’s been to LAX will understand me when I say we walked from terminal 4 to terminal 2, just to find out we had to actually go to terminal 7, what a bitch. really, it’s a long walk. we wouldn’t have been able to haul our bags on the shuttle.. legs are now very sore. ugh.

So we checked in our bags and went back to terminal 4 where the main shops are and we got some free water from maccas & then we sat down and started playing cards. Which ended in trying to build card houses. didn’t work for me, I was getting quite frustrated ahaha.

uhh, what else.. umm. when we landed in Vancouver we had to go through immagration, which took FOREVER. seriously close to 2 hrs just standing in this line slowly pushing our bags up.. it sucked. and by the time it was out turn it was like all done in not even 10 minutes.

When we got out of the airport we went straight to the taxi rank & basically got thrown into a taxi. who just started driving without even asking us where we wanted to go… I was worried :/. but all was good. checked in at the hostel. we have two other girls in ours at the moment aswell.. think they leave tomorrow tho. I hope we don’t have to share much lol it’s so squishy in here.

OH! for dinner I went to burger king wanting a vegie burger. so I got it in a kids meal. let’s just say it totally so wasn’t a veggie burger. waste of money. didn’t eat it & I’m annoyed. D: lesson learnt.

So I haven’t slept at all yet since I got up at 5.10am on Wednesday morning to get ready to go to the airport.. and I was tired earlier but now that we’ve gone to bed I’m not. so I’m up talking to this!

Dear WordPress blog,
tomorrow we are going to explore Vancouver. see which suburbs we like best to live in and stuff. what do you think?

    • grandma
    • April 25th, 2010

    Hey Jess, great blog!

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