Day 2

So I’m not keeping up with my blog everyday on time, and I blame the Internet connection cause It wouldn’t let me connect again once I’d gotten into bed and written this D: so it sat in drafts!

Anywhoo. we went and got a day pass for the skytrain and jumped on one going towards burnaby, new westminster & coquitlam, and on the train we must have seemed pretty lost cause a nice man infront of us turned around to help us out & talk to us a bit. I think I’m leaning more towards a place out there, the city is just too crowded and like Sydney. not that I have a problem with it, I like it. but it doesn’t feel home like enough… you know? and ohh I really like the mountain views. with the bits of snow at the top of them. and they’re so huge! it’s great.

We also saw the first walmart around burnaby, there’s not many around.. I’m devistated haha.

Oh, we also went to get a monthly phone plan that would cost us $35 a month for unlimited texting, which includes unlimited texting internationally too! watch out guys haha. gotta thank fido, when we actually get it.. we couldn’t ATM cause we don’t have an address. which sucks cause to get an address we need a job which we clearly need a phone number to help us get one. fail system. fail.

There’s this bum that keeps sitting outside of 7/11.. it’s so intimidating walking out of there with your food & he’s all “spare some change for a meal??” … get a job maybe dude? were jobless too so nerr. Oh and there’s another one who was sitting somewhere else on the sidewalk with a sign saying “money for beer” ahaha at least he’s honest, right?

Anyways. can’t think of much else.. so I’m gonna go food. I’ll try and get a couple of pictures up that I’ve taken. it’s a bit hard to keep carrying my camera around town with me in my tracksuit pants pockets along with everything else. it’s all too heavy. itll be good when we find a place and can unpack D;

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