Day 3

Ohey. Sup?

Guess what, it’s raining in Vancouver…

Anyways, today we didn’t go toooo far… we had planned to go back out to Burnaby, but instead we went and got our SIN number and then went to every bank we could find in downtown and asked their fees/rates etc… Eventually we went with Bank of Montreal.. which for some reason is called ‘BMO’ .. I guess it would be weird if they were ‘BOM’ …… yeah. Maybe that’s why they switched it? So now we have accounts with BMO, pretty cool. We’re getting a lot done I think. We then got all that sorted and went back over to Fido who told us as long as we had a bank account, then we could set up a phone plan without a proper address…

At Fido, Heidis application worked. But mine didn’t. I “wasn’t old enough” but Heidis only a month older than me? So we figured maybe it’s 18 and 6 months.. hopefully. Soo we’re going back there in 5 days so I can hopefully get a plan then D: I was pretty devo’d hey.

We’re going to look at a couple of houses tomorrow. Hopefully we can fit them all in on time, as well as traveling between each of them. One, maybe two, are in Burnaby, another in New Westminster and another in Deep Cove. Oh, & I applied for a job at a carnival today. ;). Yesterday we applied for this job to dress up in dog costumes and be the ‘Canine Adventure Den’ mascots for 4 sundays. LOL! still haven’t heard back from them. Damn.. LOL! I’m wanting to see what shops are around the place in Burnaby we’re going to look at, like at the mall.. I’d totally apply for a job at EB games or something. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Hmm… oh, both our previous room mates have left again. We’ve currently got a girl originally from Germany. She’s been traveling around Canada since February and she’s also done Australia and stuff too.. She’s cool. (Y)

Oh & I’ve finally got some pics on my laptop now from my camera. This is one I took yesterday Downtown somewhere..

Pretty isn’t it?

There was some other better views of the mountains. Actually it looked much better really seeing it rather than this photo. I blame my broken camera screen haha. I just take the photo and hope it worked!

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • April 24th, 2010

    Wow Jessica. You’re actually a pretty good blogger. You better keep up the blogs, one a day like you said!… And they gotta be long. And with a picture where possible. Deal? Deal.

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