Day 6

Hellooo wordpress.

Well, today we didn’t really do all that much. We slept in, missed breakfast, got up.. and went hunting on craigslist. Called & e-mailed a few people about stuff they had advertised for free and found one guy, an Aussie, who was heading back home later this week and all his stuff had to go, for freee! So off we went to Kitsilano!

Got there, then realised we had forgotten which house number he was. Luckily I had it searched in my iPod so we found it and yeah. We ended up there for ages just chatting to Nathan. Pretty cool guy. He told us a lot about Vancouver & things we should know and stuff.. a lot of stuff we hadn’t even thought about or realised really lol. We ended up taking one of our huge big backpacking bags there and left with that FULL of cutlery and utensils and some pots and pans.. aswell as a box of plates and bowls and another box of glasses/cups. It was an epic score!

Then it was an adventure to get it all on the bus… HAH. yeah. well… lucky we didn’t take the TV and try to get that on the bus aswell. But we came back for seconds! Nathan was cool with it, he said we could come back and grab whatever. So we did. This time we got 2 lamps and I think even a cutting board? and a toaster & more bowls & mugs and stuff. It was great. Ohh! and towels/blankets I think. I don’t even know really. But just don’t go sticking your hand in the first bag… There’s a lot of sharps 😐

Clearly we’re going to have to make several trips to Burnaby on Wednesday when we go to move into Richards place. Exciting tho! Oh! speaking of Richard.. Apparently he has a friend who works with display homes and stuff who has heaps of furniture they no longer need, and for us, that means SCORE! It’s great. It’s all just working so nicely.. Now if I can find a good pet shop to hire me or some film set thing.. Then i’ll be laughing!

Didn’t get any pictures today, but trying to upload more from the week onto photobucket.. it’s taking forever. Will let you know when I doooo….

Everyones asleep and I feel weird. I’m not even in the room, my room key stopped working it’s so annoying. I should go to bed… Okay I might… But I’m skyping Angie, even tho we’re like not talking. LOL. The delay was being annoying. Hmm!


    • Osama McCrotchface
    • April 27th, 2010

    What sort of things did Nathan tell you about?

    • like banks and buses and just Canada stuff lol. Aaron you’re like my number one blog reader/commenter i think ahaha.

    • g-ma
    • April 28th, 2010

    Well though I’ve expended no money, I’m having an entertaining time ‘travelling’ with you! Barely a week since you left Australia and see what you have already accomplished. Everything seems to be falling into place for you, you needed to set up home at any rate before you started working. Do you have a contact number to give at a job interview?

    • nah grandma, they wouldn’t give me a phone because i’m not 19. unless someone could co-sign on it like a guarantor. it’s really stupid. Heidi got one accidently cause they put her birthday as 1981 on mistake. so she’s got one, I don’t. doesn’t really help me at all tho 😦 another 6 months to wait. ugh v

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