Day 7

Ohey guys.

Today was interesting. We got up early again to meet Barbara, (the lady Heidi met in the airport who told us about her daughter & Richards newly renovated suite), at one of the train stations near the airport.. and she took us Thrift store shopping. Turns out we got a lot of stuff surprisingly. And then she took us back to her place and made us eggs on toast ๐Ÿ™‚ it was nice. Thennn we all went round to Richards where we met Barbara’s husband who was there helping finish up a few things in the suite. We put one of the beds together, so the house now has it’s first bed!

Richard knows that guy who’s giving us a bunch of ex display home furniture! So Richard’s going to pick all that up tomorrow while we make the two (hopefully not 3!) trips between Granville & Burnaby… and if we’re all done by the afternoon we’ll probably go do our first lot of grocery shopping! it’s pretty exciting.

We also don’t have internet there.. we have to set up our own connection. Which is probably also going to be a problem seeing as we’re not 19 and don’t count as adults to sign up for contracts and shit. I couldn’t get my phone plan today either. God damn Fido. I have to wait until i’m 19. Heidi only got hers accidently cause they put her in as 1981 .. I’m jealous. But that’s not good if someone realises she’s not born in 1981.. :S Was Fido’s fault anyways.

So hopefully we can get internet put in there pretty quick.. Otherwise I’ll go insane. no phone, no internet, oh my god. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Not much else happened today. Oh I learned that Richard is a drummer! That’s so cool! it’s like epic! haha! Learned a lot more about their family too from Barbara. Pretty interesting. Also met one of Barbara’s other grand kids, Natalie.. who goes out like camping and stuff a lot.. She said they’re going this Sunday night, so haven’t yet heard from her about that but that’d be interesting I reckon. Like why not go ahaha.

๐Ÿ˜€ it’s great fun. everything’s just working.. mostly.. besides me getting a phone and stuff.. but eh. maybe Heidi’s the lucky one, not me.. *sticks close* lmao

Well, gonna go to bed.. got a lot of moving to do. MOVING INTO OUR FIRST EVER PLACE!!

Yeah, be jealous..


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