Day 10

Wow, day 10?!? no way. it feels wayyyy longer. so strange.

Anywhoo, didn’t do much today, intact I was home all day except for like 2 hours. Went to the carnival to meet Doug & Jennifer. They were nice people.

Basically as far as working for the carnival goes it depends on when they get things booked. So I’ll be working with them on the 24th & 28th of May. that’s all they’ve got for May. June & July they’ve got a lot more. But for now it’s just these two dates in May. which sucks I guess. but I’m on call if there’s any more that come up this month.

So I still need to find a proper job. I really want the pet store to call me back D;

and yeah, that’s it for today really. Heidi was out like all day at her job interviews so I was home boreddddd like crazy haha.


    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 1st, 2010

    From now on I will not comment unless there is a picture!

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