Day 11


Okay, so this post is a bit late, but we were upstairs socializing! so be happy!

Anywhoo, again, didn’t do all that much today. Slept in, (as usual), then headed down to Metrotown where we did some banking, and shopping, and hooked ourselves up with internet with Shaw.. also found out that Solo does pre-paid with international texting!! …only catch is I have to buy a Solo phone.. SOO I’m hunting craigslist. Sigh.

Came home, went to talk to Richard about some bank stuff.. then they invited us over to come watch the Canucks game with them and a bunch of friends. Heidi wasn’t too keen to go “hockeys boring” but I really wanted to.. Even just to socialize. So we went up.

Game was good, Canucks won, luckily. Shoulda heard them screaming and cheering. LOL. Hockey is such a big thing over here, you don’t even understand! There was a lot of people over all hanging out in the room watching the game, they all tried to teach us the game and yeah, it was good. I liked it. Then after the game, we watched “It’s Complicated” funny movie…. made 10x funnier with a bunch of older people cracking jokes and laughing hysterically at everything. LOL. Great night really!

Then we got invited to church tomorrow, but it’s way too early and we’re now wayy too tired. So then she invited us to the next one where she’ll be singing, and Richard will be drumming.. That’ll be good to see, so we’re going to that. And yeah, that’s it basically. They’re so helpful to us, it’s great.

The whole “living-in-Canada” thing still feels surreal tho, it’s kinda like we’re no longer “in Canada” it’s now just like oh yeah, we live here.. doesn’t feel like a different country at all.. just we moved out of home, really far away.. i think? I dunno.. ask me again in a few weeks maybe.

Gonna go to bed now. Nice & tired.

Ohh! & P.S, just for Aaron, cause he keeps complaining, I took a photo in Metrotown mall which had some dancing comp going on, but you can’t really see it cause they took FOREVERR to start… Oh, and our Poptarts that we had for breakfast 🙂 … Happy?

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 2nd, 2010

    omg I’m so happy! And I’m kinda jealous, watching the hockey would have been awesome, Canadians love their ice hockey, and that’s like the biggest understatement haha. Canada won the Women’s and Men’s Gold in the Ice Hockey at the Olympics this year, WHICH WERE IN VANCOUVER, it would have been awesome to be there when that happened!

    • well good. haha yeah it was pretty awesome. they were all tryna explain it and teach us lol. such fun. and yes they really do love their hockey. staying in the hostel during game nights was like ahhhh… we were right on the party street so the cars honking and people screaming for hours when they won. and yeahh, they were saying how vancouver is currently on a high. and the canucks are doing well lucky enough so it’s more of a high!

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