Day 12

Oh  hello there people…

Didn’t really do much exciting today as such.. I found a cheap phone on craigslist. It’s an LG Rumour, the guy wanted $50, but then it dropped to $40 OBO.. so I jokingly said $30, and all was good 😀 So that’s alright. It’s a pretty nifty little phone considering I paid $30, charger and all. Thankfully it’s locked to Solo like I needed, so we went back to Metrotown and signed me up to their prepaid plan.. Hopefully the plan goes as advertised.. I’ll know in the morning when it’s ready to be used!

What else did we do? OH.. we went to value village.. it’s like a HUGEE epic op shop. It was exciting.. Heidi had a ball and bought heaps. I didn’t get anything, lots of interesting things but I didn’t really need any of it. So I resisted.. I’ll just go spend my money on an electric drum kit or a DSi? haha 😛

That’s basically all we’ve done today really.. came home.. freezing cold.. the rain was just THAT much colder today.. then we spent the night on the couch and stuff just watching movies. We watched Mean Girls & now we’re watching Legally Blonde 2.. funny funny.

That’s it really.. Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow. Probably going to try and have a chilled out day. But i’m sure we’ll end up doing something and freezing and staying out all day lol. I think we’ve found a free microwave we’ve gotta go pick up in Surrey.. that’ll be fun on the bus.

K, Goodnight all!
(Sorry Aaron, no pictures! D:)

    • g-ma
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Hi Jess, Hi Aaron,

    Jess, I think the photos Aaron wants are of the water going down the drain. In the Northern Hemisphere is travels differently.

    Its not cold here, still quite warm. Love your blog

    • lol hi Grandma. just ignore Aaron..

      it’s freezing here. the rain is crazy cold. without the rain it’s not so bad, but the rain just makes you wet. then the cold wind comes. and it sucks. lol. I even need a new umbrella already, mines broken in the wind! seems like an alright day today tho.. I’m still in bed so I wouldn’t know lol

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Wait, weren’t you complaining about how you couldn’t get a phone coz ur not 19? So how do you have one now?… YOU’RE FREAKIN ME OUT MAN!

    Also, I don’t particularly want pictures of the water going down the drain, that’d be pretty stupid. I just wanted Jess to blog about it! Now that’s exciting stuff.

    • I had to go prepaid. and the only company that did international texting on prepaid doesn’t use sim cards. so you have to buy one of their phones. but I bought one for $30 on craigslist. scoreeee! and yeah. it’s good to go now hopefully.

      lol okay, sure. ill try and blog about that..

    • Mum
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Yep! Pictures of anything!! Well, ok except for toilets and cats etc. Ya know……….anything *Canadian*.

    Or at least the inside of your house before it turns out like your bedroom here 😉

    • DAD
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Been following your blog.Like your MOM pictures of the unit and of you both.Rugged up,broken umby,wet,cold all that stuff.Its pissing down on the coast,mustof sent it over….

    • lol we just shared the rain with you guys! cause we had none today just horrible horrible cold wind.

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 4th, 2010


    • oh oh oh! we have better than that.. we haven’t actually tried it yet! hang on i’ll go take a photo and add it to the next post. LOL

    • Amerisis
    • May 4th, 2010

    Wow Jess! I am soo loving your blog and reading about your days! And Damn girl i am proud of how grown up you seem! Where has my little sis gone? Its almost 1:30 am but i couldn’t stop reading until i had read all the entries! so exciting it all seems! You know i was thinking i should probably check and make sure i have international texting before i text to much since i am on Tasha’s plan…she may not enjoy a surprise bill! Ha! I will call her tomorrow after work and ask her to check for me! XOXOXO love you!!

    • lol! go to sleep! haha oh yeah maybe you should find out about that then before you reply again.. i got unlimited… apparently 🙂 we’ll see how that goes HAHA. it’s prepaid so i won’t get hit with a huge bill luckily!

    • Amerisis
    • May 4th, 2010

    oh and yes picts of the apartment is a must!! Now…Get to it!

    • g-ma
    • May 5th, 2010

    Aaron? What, you request no pictures of the Northern Hemisphere’s strange passage of water down the drain?

    Don’t you understand…they do things totally different there, we just need to demonstrate via video that North and South will never meet!

    • lol i’ll film the toilet later in the week and upload it when we have our own internet, don’t want to upload or download on Richards internet.

    • g-ma
    • May 5th, 2010


    Well maybe an ‘A plus’ girl, I didn’t know you were using Richard’s internet.. your explanation could be seen as considerate,

    of course I could launch and say you shouldn’t be, after all you are there to try the world as an adult

    Hi Richard

    • shouldn’t be what? using his internet? he said we could until ours gets set up on thursday. lol

    • g-ma
    • May 5th, 2010

    a clarification re my last email

    the ‘shouldn’t be’ referred to your use of Richard’s internet

    • g-ma
    • May 6th, 2010

    Hi Amersis

    Think I’ve discovered your identity

    Christmas in the snow,
    but I haven’t booked the flight as yet

    • g-ma
    • May 6th, 2010

    Ah, I knew that would get a response from someone

    Weren’t you told I was invited?

    Well, don’t get too upset, it’s not being held in your

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