Day 15

So today, we decided to just have a lazy day. and do nothing at all.

We didn’t get out of our PJ’s. We sat on the couch all day, on our laptops, watching TV. It was great.. but boring. lol. It was just good not having to do so much walking and hauling stuff. Just very chillaxed.

Found someone selling a blue Nintendo DSi with the super mario DS game for $100.. they didn’t reply to my email tho. annoying. I might text them.. I may aswell totally just get it. Cause the DSi alone is like $179..

So anywhoo there’s really nothing to blog about… haha.



Sorry guys, boring blog!
Forgive me?

Oh, P.S. Apparently the Canucks scored twice against themselves tonight? I think they lost 5-2 or something. ahahaha. oh dear.

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 6th, 2010

    Hi, I really liked the photo, oh wait, THERE WASN’T ONE.

    • Amerisis
    • May 7th, 2010

    Sometimes u just NEED to take a chill day!!!
    I LOL about Jordy asking what Malcom eats! To bad you couldn’t have brought him to Canada with u and taken his picture at every point of interest u could like landmarks ect… Ha!
    FYI: I have gotten in the habit of checking this every morning before work and every night before bed…so yeah u have an obligation now to make any sort of post!Even if its short and sweet i love reading it!

    • haha i wish i could have brought malcolm here! but he woulda needed his own plane ticket!!
      but i brought all the little ones along 😀

        • Mum
        • May 7th, 2010

        Malcolm’s babies have been bands-napped

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