Day 18


So, it’s getting warmer here. You can really notice it now. I’m currently in shorts and a shirt to sleep in.. woah.

Anywhoo.. Today I got up, and sent myself out to Lougheed mall area.. I applied at that other pet store, hopefully that goes well.. it’s close enough, and it looked like fun.. aand I think they have sharks 😐 cause it said “live shark feeding every saturday at 2pm” :\ maybe that’s where the new employees end up..? Oh dear.

I also just went walking around the mall, looking at whatever. Cause I could. Then I got some flour for dinner and yeah. Oh, I also picked this up! I saw it like last week aswell but Heidi told me I didn’t need it.. So I got it today when she wasn’t there. 🙂

It’s a pretty cool little coke bottle. But I only got like what, 4 mouthfulls out of it? Ah well. It was only $1.

Anyways, I got home, walked out the back, (our entrance), to see Richard and a friend pulling off the patio roof.. made a big mess. Lots of glass all over the place haha. Then Brodie came out to tell me that Jacqueline wanted to speak to me.. Soo I went inside. She wanted to know if Heidi and I wanted to join them for mothers day seeing as we don’t have our mothers or families here and all that jazz.. So we’re going to church in the morning, then out to lunch.

I then got asked if I wanted to stay and watch some TV with Alexis. So we watched Buffy.. Then we put on Fight Club. And oh my. How have I never seen fight club before?!? It was pretty good hey.. Then Brodie joined us after and we watched The Office. I then realised it was 7.30 and decided I should head back downstairs to help Heidi cook dinner.

Oh yeah, Heidi didn’t want to come up and watch TV.. Just so you know. We didn’t exclude her or anything lol.

And yeah. That’s basically it. More productive then the past few days I guess. I had fun. It was my social interaction. And at least I wasn’t bored. Tomorrow should be interesting though, looking forward to it actually.. but.. what am I supposed to wear to church? I’m clearly going to turn up in my tracksuit pants and a hoodie! Ohh, watch me!

Goodnight peopless!

And Happy Mothers Day!

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