Day 19

Oh, sup?

Today started off nice and early D: 9am! haha. Got up, got ready.. yarda yarda. Went to church with the gang, watched Jacqueline sing on stage for the opening song too. Too bad Richard wasn’t drumming today with it! Church was.. interesting. Oh, Jacqueline introduced us to people as her new adopted daughters ahaha. It was funny 🙂

Anywhoo.. Then we all went out to a restaurant called ‘Soho’ I think it was? .. It’s like a sports bar. Yeah. It was like, really.. empty. Haha! After we sat down and all arrived and stuff, we heard a smash of glass, the chick waiting our table dropped something in the bar area and actually cut her wrist really badly. She was crying and stuff and apparently it was really deep, she was going to the hospital. Looked like she needed stitches apparently. She still even managed to come over to us, holding her wrist, to tell us that someone else would be waiting our table now. Like.. duh. Poor chick.

But yeah, then they only had like one person, waiting on the 3 or 4 tables.. Our meals were kinda cold too by the time they got out, but yeah, it was fun nonetheless. We all talked a lot, I liked it. Got to know Brodie & Alexis a bit more too. They’re a nice bunch, really.

What else.. Oh, we got home.. then Heidi and I pretty much went straight out again cause the people with the DSi and game for $100 were able to meet us there like, right then. So I just went for it. So now I’m the happy owner of a DSi! haha! Uhm.. Then we did some shopping and stuff at Safeway.. Got some more food.. Came home.. chilled out. Heidi watched a movie on her laptop with Dom.. Yeah. And I watched most of the Canucks game aswell as Family Guy & Two and a Half Men.. Canucks won! Thankfully.. They need to win the next like 2 games straight to at least tie.. I guess 3 games and then they’ll move on to the next round. All confusing. But yeah, they won! That’s all that matters.

Then we started making dinner.. half way through, Richard rang, asking us if we wanted to run down to Dairy Queen with him. So we did. He was picking up ice cream for all of them, and we got some for us. Good fun! Then we had dinner.. then our ice cream. Etc.

Oh, and I moved my bed around. Cause I needed to access the power points that I was blocking. lol. But now it all works pretty well, just have to decide if I like my bed here or not.. I kinda don’t. But who cares.. I don’t!

Yeah, notice I didn’t take a photo of the other side of the room? It’s quite a mess now that I shoved everything over there… 🙂

K, gonna go to bed, or play my new DSi for a bit.. in bed.
Oh, and cause it’s now Mothers Day here.. Happy Mothers Day.. Again!

    • Amerisis
    • May 10th, 2010

    Sounds like a Good busy day…. Glad u have this nice family to take u under their wings!! Now i am craviong dairy queen though…thanks! Taylor said u may be getting to come down For Xmas????? So excited!!! Tasha still has not answered me about the texting! Christian Graduates on Friday so this week is gonna be busy for us.XOXOXOX

    P.S. Taylor wants to know if u want to go bear huntin’? Ha!

    • It was a good busy day.. but then today, i’ve done nothing.. again. D: haha.
      lol dairy queen was good! yummyyyy!
      yeah well hopefully I can find a job that’ll let me have lots of time off aswell. LOL then I should be making it down for christmas hopefully.
      ohh annoying haha. keep bugging her! wow, graduating already? that was quick..

      and noo! I don’t want to go bear hunting with taylor! his rule #1 was always take a slower person with you.. I’M THE SLOWER PERSON!

        • Amerisis
        • May 12th, 2010

        OK she said it was free for me to receive but it costs her if i reply….
        Keeping my fingers crossed for Xmas time!
        Rub the Dairy Queen in jeeze!! LOL j/k!
        Went with Lynd on her school field trip today and im exhausted..we went to Little Rock to the Arkansas Arts Center to see Egyptian mummies..was interesting but its really kind of seems wrong digging up remains and parading them around the world ya know? But in another part they also had some paintings by some classic artists which is why i really wanted to go…we got to see a
        Picasso, some Renoirs, and Monet’s and of course just spending the day with my girl was the best!
        Well i think im gonna clean up a bit and go to bed early! Love ya slow poke!

      • lol ohh, so I can text you, but you can’t reply.. well.. that’s no fun!
        oh nice.. were they cool egyptian mummies? look gross? or weird? haha. that would be interesting!

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