Day 21


Today, I got up around 10 or something.. Chilled for awhile, had breakfast.. yarda yarda! Realized it was like 12.30 and remembered we had to Downtown to meet Irene! So, I called Heidi’s phone to try and wake her.. failed. She got up like 10 minutes later anyways, and then we rushed to get ready..

Walking to the bus, waiting at the crossing.. AND THERE’S THE BUS! of course it’s not going to wait for us.. and it was early too! Yeah, we weren’t happy! So then we had to wait half an hour for the next bus, sucked. So that was like 1.39pm then, and Irene doesn’t have a phone.. so we couldn’t tell her we were running late. Anyways, we got stuck at the lights/train crossing, they’re like the cargo trains.. when the bus driver turned off the bus, and was laughing and joking with the guy in the car next to us, then I figured it was going to be awhile. So I decided to count the carriages!

There was 128, give or take a few.. I got sick of counting so I may have accidentally missed some. Took agessss.. But yeah, eventually we got to the station, got on the skytrain, and headed to Granville! We were meeting her outside of the hostel we all stayed in. It was like 2.40 when we got there, we were spose to meet her at 2.. but she wasn’t there, obviously. So we went inside, asked if we could go to her room and see if she was there.. so we did, but no luck. So we wrote her a note and left it there saying sorry etc. So, that didn’t happen. Talked to her tonight tho, turns out she waited until 2.30. We were just a tad late.

Anywhooo.. we went to Lougheed mall again, shopped.. and yeah, the usual. Pretty average day really.

Oh yeah, also, Solo screwed me over – thanks a lot Solo! Well, not really.. the guy just didn’t tell me I needed more credit now that I got Caller ID added on. Yeah, not happy. Now I can’t make or receive calls, or text internationally.. it sucks. NOT HAPPY!!

Okay, that’s it for me!

    • g-ma
    • May 12th, 2010

    Hi from the still warmer part of the world,

    The trains and carriages can be very long, I think I remember seeing one that was over a mile. In some places in Canada (maybe all), their freight trains have precedence over passenger trains, though you best check that out before quoting.

    From memory you can buy books of bus tickets and get them cheaper.

    You live in a lovely locality

    Have a great day today

    • yeah the trains are very long, just those cargo ones anyways. the skytrains aren’t, but they run on a totally different track anyways.

      Yeah, we’re planning to buy bus passes, but we need to work out where we get a job first so that we know if we need a 1 zone or 2 zone pass.

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 13th, 2010

    I like your grandma. She’s sweet.

    • g-ma
    • May 13th, 2010

    I like you too Osama.

    Jess, I note you haven’t added your comment

    You see Osama/Aaron, Jess had previously remarked re me “she talks to anyone”

    Well she is in Canada now AND have you noted HOW ‘Jess talks to anyone!’

    Hey Jess – ‘Chip off the old block’

    But Jess, it is great, isn’t it, when you talk to all.

    You can retort lol, it is fine.

    and you can fire off the barbs when next you see me,LOL

    weather in Canada
    and Jess
    weather around your home town

    • your comment was still there grandma, it just needed to be approved. it only makes me approve some of them, maybe the ones with links?

      what do you mean i’m talking to anyone?! who’s this anyone?!
      LOL i’m confused!

      LOL, aaron.

    • g-ma
    • May 13th, 2010

    Hi all

    this is called ‘getting to know you’


    • g-ma
    • May 13th, 2010

    All right I can’t do links; did you see what the ones above lead to

    so, ‘getting to know you’ can be linked

    direction to you young ones – try ‘You Tube’, type in ‘getting …..’ pick the Julie Andrews link,

    after all why wouldn’t you wish to converse with the “King and I”

    Hi Amerisis

    Had a ‘rev’ in a great sports car on Mother’s Day
    Ask your father

    • lol what.. grandma, you make no sense…

        • Amerisis
        • May 15th, 2010

        Sounds like a fun mothers day! I will have to ask dad about it! So did i read right in another thread that you also are going to join us for Xmas this year? Will be wonderful to finally meet you!!!

    • g-ma
    • May 14th, 2010

    Oh Jess,

    have you forgotten that sleek blue automobile in the garage?


    and I adopted Aaron, presumptuous I know (I didn’t tell him); can undo. Right, that’s fixed then; you are unadopted Aaron.


    my links did not work.


    and the song :”Getting to Know you” comes from an old musical called “The King and I”.

    • oh right, you were talking to crysti..?

      lol why would you adopt aaron. and even if you adopted aaron, wouldn’t that just make him like, your son? not a step grandson..?

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 14th, 2010

    …hahahaha. Fun!

    • g-ma
    • May 14th, 2010

    Well I thought I was talking to crysti

    re adoption; let’s go ‘end to start’:
    you are correct he would be a son, but now undone. Why would I adopt him? well he called me ‘sweet’, not many people do 🙂

    and now I’m shedding rivers of tears, nobody understands me; but wait

    If the left side of my brain controls the right side of my body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then who of us is in their right mind? (adapted from W.C. Fields)
    Hi daughter and other grand-daughter.

    Take a look at http/
    if the link does not work, type it into your search engine

    nighty nite Jess

    • g-ma
    • May 14th, 2010

    ps. Oh and Jess in case you don’t understand my reference to left handers, well there are three of us, your mother, your sister and me.

    • Amerisis
    • May 15th, 2010

    Those of us who are in our right side of mind are blessed…Gotta go check out that website!

    • g-ma
    • May 15th, 2010

    Hi Amerisis,

    What you too? Ask Jess’ mum about her shopping for a left handed camera!
    Why does it take so many hours to fly to America? Haven’t booked as yet but you are getting very persuasive; Christmas in the snow, haven’t had that in a long time.

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