Day 23

So like.. yeah.

Didn’t do much today really, woke up at like 10.30, as always.. Heidi was vacuuming, and I tried to clean the leaking fridge up again.. pulled out two things of ice. It was really cold.. freezing water, and ice, and just chilling infront of the fridge for ages. Yeah, cool. haha. Went through two towels to dry it all up, the leak was coming from like some ice cube thing in the back, I guess the thing that keeps the fridge chilled? I’m not sure. But I told Richard about it and he came down this afternoon to check it out, we’ve turned off the water to the fridge to see if that was the problem, like the water that comes out of the freezer door, with the ice.. ya know. But yeah, I checked it again just before, I think it’s still leaking, but I dunno what the problem is now! Ehh!

Anywhooo… didn’t do much all day, got invited to go to the movies tonight and see Date Night with Jacquie & Alexis. For a bit of a “girls night” lol. It was a funny movie.. and ohhh my god. The cinema/movie theater was epic! Like, it was all arcade like.. I dunno how to explain it. But it was cool. I’d totally go there every day if I could! If I had a load of money..

But yeah, other than that.. didn’t do much! I’m going to go apply at some video stores tomorrow.. that’d be interesting I guess.

Oh, how about that Eryn chick? She’s pretty rad hey.. and Melanie.. Oh, Sarah is pretty cool too.

    • Amerisis
    • May 15th, 2010

    How about applying at the movie theater? Then u could spend all day there and get paid at the same time!

    • i was having a look at that, but i can’t work out where other theaters are.. the one we went to i don’t think they were hiring, i checked the site. D:

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