Day 24

Hmm.. so we didn’t do much exciting stuff today.

Got up late, as always.. went to the bus stop and got it to Lougheed, jumped on the Skytrain and went to Brentwood where Heidi applied at a florist.. Then we jumped back on the Skytrain and went allll the way around to 22nd st,  where we jumped on a bus and went to some shops and applied around there. I asked Blockbuster, the girls at the counter were talking, then one looked at me and just goes “yo” … kinda rudely.. hmm! oh well. Heidi applied at a Wafflehouse, they seemed pretty interested in her after she said she was looking for full time/part time. Everyone today thought we’d just come to the shops straight from school.. um.. noooo…. >_>

Yeah.. so then we bussed back to Lougheed, jumped on the Skytrain again and went to Braid, then we jumped on another bus and went to the shops around where Lexi works again.. I handed my resume in at Vanpet, and I also asked Rogers Plus but they weren’t accepting resumes.. We got a few more food things at Safeway, thennnn we got back on a bus, back to Braid station, got on the Skytrain, then back to Lougheed stn, jumped on a bus and finally came home!

Ohh so much effort, and feels like we really didn’t even do much. Just one of those days.

I cut my thumb open with one of Heidi’s cutco knives. It really stung, and it really didn’t even press hard on my thumb before it cut. Damn sharp knives! I was trying to cut an orange! I have a bandaid on it right now, turns out things are really hard to do with a bandaid on your thumb.. I feel sorry for people with no thumbs.. or feelings in their thumbs..

Oh, I also applied at a bunch of film type things on craigslist. I got a reply back from one of them saying I could come be on set and help out and learn some roles and stuff. Pretty cool, I was even told to choose which role I’d be most interested in learning! Luckyy. It’s out of Vancouver tho, so apparently they even pay accommodation! It’s a low budget film tho.. go figure.

I’m done.
I’ll go to bed now… or not.. 🙂

    • Amerisis
    • May 15th, 2010

    ok the skeptic in me is worried about these craigs accommodations away come on over movie things…Be careful girl there is way to many crazies out there! Big sisters orders…I can do that, you know?
    AND Be careful with those knifes…I would like for you to have all your appendages in tact when i finally get to see you again! I know i am getting bossy in my old age! 😀

    I will reply more later its 1:10 am just got home from Hot Springs..we went to Chili’s for Christians Graduation dinner…Justin and Pam and Darrion are here also…Chris is officially done with school! But I am exhausted..crying all night over my baby being grown kind of wears me out! LOL!

    • LOL. I’m sure they’re finee.. everyone uses craigslist here!
      Ahaha, blame cutco and their extra sharp, never dulling knives!
      ohh, i see, so you guys are two hours ahead of us haha. not so bad.
      lol oh wow, everyone’s there, WHERES MY INVITE?!
      lucky chris! now what’s he gonna do?

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 15th, 2010

    …you did alot of jumping today.

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