Day 25


Late post, I know. We’ve been watching movies haha.

Had another lazy day.. really not much to write about. Brodie and a friend came down this afternoon to grab a DVD from the pile they lent us, and then asked if we wanted to come upstairs and meet his friends cause they all wanted to meet us ahaha. So we went up, talked to them for a bit.. and yeah.

Cooked veggies and a salad for dinner… and then I had ice cream. And an apple…… I still feel peckish. Veggies and salads just aren’t satisfying!

We’re going to church again tomorrow, and apparently out to some restaurant after for lunch.. I keep forgetting it’s name. Hopefully I’ll work it out for tomorrows blog if we do go there.

Anywhooo.. Mel wants like, a paragraph.. cause she’s annoying. But I don’t know what to say.. Oh I skyped with her today cause she wanted to see outside, it was like 7.30pm, but of course, still bright as anything! So I showed her around the yard and yeah, not much to the yard really.. Is this a good enough paragraph? Yeah, I think so… 🙂

K I’m going to try and head of to bed, if I plan to be up on time tomorrow!

Night all!

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 16th, 2010

    Fine. I didn’t want a paragraph anyway.

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