Day 26


Well.. today we got up, went to church.. then we went out for lunch at Wendy’s. I know I was talking about some restaurant in yesterdays post, but that was “Swish LA” I think.. but we couldn’t get into that today apparently, so we all went to Wendy’s instead! Was still fine, socialising = win!

And yeah.. then Jacquie took us to CostCo where we bought a heap of crap.. food wise. I think we’re set for the next few weeks.. Okay we didn’t really buy THAT much but it feels like it cause we spent $115 ahaha.

Then we came home.. and that was it really. Been very bored. I decided to put the rubber bands Bek from work gave me onto one of my rubber band balls.. rubber bands flung everywhere, Heidi gave me weird looks ahaha. I did warn her they were dangerous.

Yeah, it only looks tiny. But now it’s my third biggest.. I’ve decided I want to find a rubber band company in North America to sponsor me to go for the world record! May as well do some epic exciting stuff while I’m here! But I haven’t found many companies to email, but I did email a few.. They all seemed really like.. I dunno how to explain it. Basically I don’t think I’ll get any replies from the ones I’ve emailed haha.

Okay.. I’m really bored. Gonna go play my DSi 🙂


    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 17th, 2010


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