Day 29

Guess what time I woke up today! .. 7.30! Yeah I know, way too early.. I blame all the mango juice I’ve been drinking. BUT IT’S SO GOOD D: So yeah, I couldn’t get back to sleep after.. so I just browsed craigslist and all that for awhile. Tried to get back to sleep but failed, so I was just laying there really. Eventually I got out of bed closer to 10 after hearing Heidi on the phone to someone about an interview today.

She then left pretty soon after for her interview with a trailer/motor home kinda place to do cleaning or something? I got all my stuff together and watched some TV and applied for some things on craigslist and what not before I eventually left for my interview! Scaryy.. I was heaps early, so I sat around the area just waiting, eventually went in at about 12.55 and was told that Lisa would be late. So I wandered around the shop for a good 10 minutes. They have a stingray! $399.99. Crazy little thing. Brandie came up to me and said “I wouldn’t get too close to her, she will try and eat you..” 😐 Couldn’t help thinking of Steve Irwin either while I was watching it. It kept staring at me. So did the huge catfish..

Soo then Lisa came, with her dog. Ahaha. We went out back and had a chat. She asked me all the usual interview questions I guess. “Why do you think we should hire you?” etc. I so wasn’t prepared for those questions. I was prepared for questions more like yesterday! Ugh. Silly. But yeah, I think it went okay.. I hope. I shall know by the end of the week anyways. It wont be many hours, and I’m sure it’ll be very, VERY low pay.. But yeah. I guess it’s something for now.

Anywhooo.. Heidi ended up getting called in for an interview at Wafflehouse where she applied a few days ago. She has training on sunday! Lucky her. Crap pay tho 🙂 $8.50.. and the .50c or something is her tip? Idk. I don’t think she knows really either? haha.

And yeah.. didn’t do much else once I got home. Heidi was home later and yeah. Pretty averageee day.

So Aaron keeps complaining cause he want’s a mention.. So yeah. Here you go Aaron.. Oh and slap Michelle for me tomorrow? She’s already forgotten who I am! Shame on her!!

Now no more mentions anymore guys! D: Too much effort 🙂

Maybe I should start adding what I’m #nowplaying or #nowwatching ? Well yeah, this one is for Mel! #nowplaying The Sundance Kids – Drive Away …I’d forgotten about these guys.. (DON’T HURT ME!)

Shall sleep now.. (not). NIGHT.

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 20th, 2010

    Poor effort.

    • Mum
    • May 21st, 2010

    LOL and you’d think if I gave birth to her, I’d get a paragraph of my own. It hurt!!!!

    • melaniee
    • May 22nd, 2010

    yeah i win aaron 🙂
    i got two mentions really
    yayyy tsk ❤
    good job jess. get em popular over there 😀

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