Day 30

Wow.. Day 30?! As if..

Today we decided to go to a Thrift store, and Value Village! Didn’t end up getting anything at the Thrift store though, saw some things but figured we still had to go to Value Village so we skipped buying anything.. I saw a fish tank with everything for $5 there though, maybe I’ll go back and get it. Hmm..

Anywhooo. It was raining too. So it was pretty cold. After the Thrift store we were waiting for a bus and some loser in his truck/ute drove by closer to the gutter then necessary, and sprayed us with water from the ground. Gee thanks. He totally did it on purpose too cause after that he went back away from the gutter. Mean..

Value Village seemed like a bit of a rip off today, specially after the Thrift store. I bought myself a dooner though finally. I mean, a “duvet”. Was about $17. Lets hope it’s good and doesn’t make me sick!

I was looking at the toys, as I do.. and when Heidi came over to me she noticed something and was like “OMG IT’S AN ALPACA” I looked at it.. and I thought “Um? It’s just like a wig?” ..It was $1.99. So she bought it. This is it, we’ve named it Burnaby. (So Heidi won’t ever forget where she lived.. LOL)

Yep, it is an alpaca 😐

Then we came home, and I went to make myself some pasta after I finished my salad for lunch.. I boiled the water and what not… Went to get the sauce out and BAM. I have no idea, it kinda just slipped through my finger tips and the plastic broke severely when it hit the bottom of the fridge..

It was pretty gross.. We found bits of it sprayed pretty far away LOL. My bad! It ended up all over my pants and socks as well. No more pasta for me 😦 This must be a sign I need to just keep eating salad and veggies only! .. OH, and cereal!

And yeah, that was my excitement for the day haha. Ohh, also watched the season finale of Greys Anatomy.. and WOW. Just WOW. I need to get into that show and watch it more often!!

Off to go shower now. TATA.

*EDIT*: When I got out of the shower I remembered it was thursday night, so it’s bin night! We had two bags of trash waiting to go out so we ran it out there, with an umbrella cause it’s raining. Richard hasn’t yet gotten a larger bin, so it’s still a pretty small bin for all their stuff, plus all our stuff. and they pretty much fill it themselves.. So we got out there, and Richard hadn’t put the bin out yet, he put out his recycle but not the main bin, he left it near our entry for us to add ours.. Luckily I remembered cause they didn’t say anything about it so nothing would have been done if we didn’t just put it out LOL. Anyways, only one small bag fitted in the bin, so Heidi ran one across the road to the neighbours bin.. It wouldn’t close all the way, so she ran back. LOL So.. that’s not our problem now! 😛

    • Mum
    • May 21st, 2010

    I reckon you should stick that alpaca on the end of a broom handle and clean up the sauce 🙂

    That’s supposed to be an Alpaca??? Looks like the butt end of a dog!

    • lol of course i cleaned it up mum duh lol nah i just left it there. we’re such pigs.. pfft. lol and yeah it’s just a ball of fur! i have no idea how she spotted it from far away and instantly knew it was an alpaca..

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