Day 31

Oh oh oh! Day 31! We’ve been here a month now! Wow. Crazyy.

Today we didn’t do anything really.. Turns out we’ve got ants everywhere.. Probably from all Heidi’s peanuts she eats over the couch. Sure.. we eat dinner here too, but that’s what plates are for? The peanuts go everywhere though..

Oh also, Heidi was wearing some sequin thing on her shirt today.. So this was her outside having her own disco..

Okay turns out youtube is under maintenance so I’ll get the video up eventually.

Anywhoo.. Brodie and his friend set up this fire pit thing outside today. Pretty cool. They were roasting marshmellows and having smores. They invited us up to have one, and clearly we haven’t had one before. They were pretty good.. but the chocolate didn’t melt on mine so it was a chunk of chocolate and then no chocolate lol. But othre than that, they were alrightt!

And yeah.. didn’t really do anything else. I’m watching Video On Trial at the moment, I like this show. They’re funny.  And they’re Canadian!

Oh, also.. I guess I didn’t get the job. Cause I heard nothing back.. D:

K. I’m tired. I don’t know why haha.

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