Day 32

We didn’t do anything exciting again.. as usual. Just letting you know!

I got up somewhat early.. 10ish lol. Watched some episodes of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager online, I’m trying to catch up for when season 3 starts in a week or so! But I can only watch 72 minutes of video online before it makes me wait 54 minutes.. damn megavideo grr.

Anywhooo.. Heidi finally got up, and we went to Metrotown.. I ran around the pet store a few times looking at prices for hedgehog stuff. 🙂 The hedgehog they have there was sleeping, and wouldn’t come out of its igloo thing. Annoyinggg. I wanted to see the little thing in action! I really want one!

Then we went to the bank, then back to Lougheed! We got some bits and pieces food wise and came home.. The we got invited upstairs. Brodie had a bunch of friends over and they had a BBQ and stuff so we were talking to Richard & Jacquie. Then we watched Glee. I like socialising.. See, if I got a hedgehog.. Then I’d have someone else to talk to! Besides Heidi of course.

Oh, also.. we scored a dog for awhile tonight 😛

Ahaha 🙂 Not really, this is their dog upstairs. She came down for a visit when Jacquie came down to invite us upstairs. And then she sat with us while we ate dinner, then we all went back up. She’s a funny little dog.

And yeah.. Heidi starts her work tomorrow pretty much. I have the carnival on monday but yeah.. hmm. Still no luck for me in the actual job department.. I NEED BUSINESS IDEAS PEOPLE!!

Everyone think of ideas for me, kk 🙂
Now imma be off.. NIGHT!

    • Step Dad
    • May 23rd, 2010
    All about hedgehogs.
    What are you going to do with it when you leave to come back to OZ? They are not allowed here.

    • i’d have to give it to someone else.. maybe make some friends who will look after it lol. idk. i know they’re not allowed in australia.. that’s why i want one while i’m here!

  1. not funny aaron.

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 23rd, 2010

    I wasn’t trying to be. That thing is freaky lookin.

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