Day 33

Sooo.. don’t hate me.. but I really didn’t do anything today.

Heidi went to work. I woke up late. Had breakfast. Watched some more of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager online, then Scream 3 came on, so I watched that.. Did you know they’re making a Scream 4 :o. Then I made another salad.. Watched more TV online, had some watermelon. Fought off some ants.. Damn these bloody ants!

Then Heidi came home. She made herself dinner really early.. Then she went straight to her room and watched a movie online with Dom. So I kept watching TV online. Then I made myself dinner.. yep.. Really nothing exciting.

Oh, I tried a frozen mango.. Heidi said it was “sooo good” the other day. But I really didn’t like it. It tasted like mango yogurt or something. If I wanted a yogurt I would have eaten a yogurt.. But I wanted a mango. And it tasted like ass. Such a waste of a mango.. I ate as much as I could of it though. Then I decided it was better to have some premium biscuits, some with jam and butter.. some with peanut butter and honey.. and some with peanut butter and jam.. Couldn’t decide which ones I liked more.

And now it’s 10.15pm (oh jks paige :P), really early for me to be heading to bed. But my bus leaves tomorrow at 7.29am, so that I can make it to the station by 8, to get picked up by people starting at 9.. when I start at 12. Yeah, it’s gonna be a longgggg day. Which reminds me, I shall charge my camera batteries. Going to Fort Langley! Working at the carnival! Oh yeahhh!


    • paige
    • May 24th, 2010

    haha first off i think you mean 10:15 PM not am lolz
    and secondly shane dawson might be in the 4th scream, get excited lol

    oohhh and i miss you 🙂

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