Day 34


So today I started my new life as a carnie! ahaha, how dramatic. But really, I woke up at 6.. had to leave around 7.15 to make the 7.30 bus. Got to the station and waited.. The chick who’d arranged to carpool me and some others, Diva, showed up just before 8 and then I got in and met Eddie & Dan, aswell as Diva. Pretty awkward drive really. No one talked for basically the whole trip haha. Music was on though luckily.

Then we got to the park where the carnival was at. Said hellos and stuff, met a couple of people.. but everyone there was such a close bunch. It was kinda awkward. They’ve all been doing it for years, I felt like the outsider. Like the new kid to the school.. 😐

Anywhoo, I went for a walk into Fort Langley with one of the girls, forgot her name.. Everyone was getting ready for the parade that was going to be down that main road. Fort Langley seems like a really, really old area.. Pretty interesting. Anyways, headed back to the carnival. I ended up just sitting in Diva’s car for awhile, doing nothing. I was actually falling asleep. I then decided to go for a walk again in to town to see if the parade was on yet, but it wasn’t D:

Finally it was almost 12, so I got to start at about 11.40ish. Stocked some game tents up with prizes. I got to work on two of the rides today, the ‘Zoom’ and the swings. It was pretty fun actually. Interesting too. Went quick considering. Had a few problems with the power to the Zoom so eventually we just shut it down half an hour early lol. That’s why I did the swings too.

Anywhooo.. that was fun. Then two guys, Ron & Lenny dropped me home afterwards. Yeah, they’re also carnies, FYI. lol. They live pretty close to me I think so that was helpful. Oh, I got paid.. and then I got two free bags of cotton candy 🙂 Everyone seemed to. Pretty cool!

Got home, Richard & Jacquie were outside so I talked to them for a bit. I also gave them my second bag of cotton candy lol. Like I’d finish it all myself. Even with Heidi. Finally got inside, sat down for a bit. Then headed back upstairs at like 7.30 to sort out our rental contract stuff and have a chat about things.. and yeah.. interestingg.

I got burnt today too. Didn’t even think about that. Fail. It hurts. Brodie bought me down some aloe vera stuff 🙂 much better!

And yeah, not much else really! I’m really really tired so I’m going to like fall asleep here any second. So I shall be off.

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 25th, 2010

    How did you burn yourself sweetheart?

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • May 26th, 2010

    There is a difference between getting burnt, and getting sunburnt. So don’t be all up in my grill about it.

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