Day 35


So, today, I basically didn’t do much.. as usual. I was woken up by some annoying yappy barking dogs next door, who apparently are there only every now and then. They must babysit them or something? I dunno. Richard wasn’t happy about their barking this morning either, so good! It’s not just me lol.

I watched a heap of episodes of the Secret Life Of The American Teenager, finally finished season one. I’m enjoying watching it lol. When Heidi came home this afternoon she brought season 1 and some of season 2 of Sex & the City cause she hasn’t seen any before, so we watched S1 tonight lol.

But yeah, I really didn’t do much.. I tried to roll and pack up my sleeping bag by myself.. oh that was just SO fun. I gave up and wrapped a belt around it lol.

Oh, I took a photo of this cause I thought it was funny..

Just reminds me of that “omg, shoes” song. ahaha. It’s an old paper, but I’ve left it sitting on my floor for ages so I pass it every day and lol at it 😀

And yeah, that’s pretty much it!

    • paige
    • May 26th, 2010

    me and jordan were singing shoes today all of ITS
    :O what a co-winky-dink

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