Day 38


So today, I actually have stuff to write about! Thankfully!

Soo I left home at about 10ish, had to get the bus, then the Skytrain to Columbia, then switch trains and went to surrey, then had to get a bus and go find some shopping center place to get to office depot. When I got there, they didn’t even have any of the printer thingys left that I was there to get. But Langley had 3 but I couldn’t get to there.. so they’re getting the one from Langley to send to Surrey and I have to get it from there. So annoying, no free delivery cause it’s on clearance. Ehh! Going to be oh-so-fun to get that home on the train and bus when they get it in.

Theeeen I had to get a bus to King George station and waited around for Jennifer. Hahah there was a guy walking around asking for money, as they all seem to do here, and his friend was waiting outside smoking and watching him.. it was kinda creepy. They both had to have been at least 50years old. Eventually this chick yelled at him, really loudly, like.. “NO I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY. NOW PISS OFF. GO AWAY. NO ONE HAS ANY MONEY FOR YOU YOU CRACK HEAD.” It was classic. And then the guy walked over to his friend looking upset and they left. Score!

Anywhooo.. Jennifer got me, we got the the carnival an hour later than expected. She had to stop and get herself lunch, then again to get milk. So we got there later ahah. But that’s okay, cause Jennifer also like runs it, so being late with her isn’t as bad as just being late! And yeah.. It was raining and was freezing. I wasn’t happy. I was on the rides too, on the little kiddies ferris wheel thing. Damn it was a popular ride today. So me, in the cold, all wet, no gloves, having to touch the metal and crap on the ride.. I’m surprised I still have fingers. Same with my toes. So cold! We finished at about 8.30.. I got a lift back to King George luckily from one of the girls. I wouldn’t have had a clue about the buses from the school and that also would have taken agess to get home.

OH! In the school we were at, I went into the bathrooms and on my way in a little boy goes “that’s the girls bathrooms” and I turned to him and go “yeah?” and he got all embarrassed. LOL. It’s okay though, I did have my hoodie up cause the rain so it’s understandable lol

And yeaaah.. Got home.. Showered. Ate. Still cold.. Still hungry.. Very, very tired. Might head off to bed actually. So yeah, GOODNIGHT!

    • Sarah Nixon
    • June 11th, 2010

    my god jess! how could you use the girls bathroom?? AHAHAHHAHA!!

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