Day 39

So like.. sup?

Okay, well.. I woke up at like 6.30 or something with the laptop still on my stomach/lap. I was all confused, realized the time and that I’d fallen asleep talking to people, (SORRY MEL). Luckily I didn’t roll over or anything! That woulda been bye-bye laptop!

Anywhooo! went back to sleep, got up at almost 9. Heidi was already awake, awaiting her new furniture! I went into the bathroom, came back out.. and there was strange cushions in the house. I was confused.. then realized “Ohhh… the furniture must be here!” So I went out and gave them a hand.. Turns out the chick lied about having 4 chairs with the table, so she gave us an extra table to compensate? But still no chairs?

The couch is like a “love seat”, this is it really, with our other couch..

That sheet was over the couch, Heidi decided the couch looked too dirty/dusty so she put the sheet over it.. but clearly it didn’t last long. I didn’t think it would haha. So now Heidi and I each have a couch to laze around on…. which is clearly what we did all day!

This is our new dining table..

Yeah, that’s it. LOL. No chairs! So we’re still yet to try it out!

And this is the second table.. we shoved it in my room cause there’s really no where else to store it, and I figured I could put the printer on it when I finally pick that up.

It’s a bit out of place.. cause it’s so huge and kinda looks really awkward/out of place in my room haha.

And yeah, other than that, we really didn’t do much! So yeah! That was our excitement for the day basically.

Okay.. yeah.. Tata!

    • g-ma
    • May 30th, 2010

    I’ve got the chairs here Jess

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