Day 40


So we got up today and decided we need to actually do something… So we headed out to go find some more Thrift stores and Value Village! We passed a Thrift store, and it was closed.. then we remembered it was Sunday.. Fail.

We went to Value Village though, in search of the right cables to connect our laptops to our TV so we can watch some movies/TV, but we had no luck. Sooo.. we decided we’d go get some shopping done.

Went to Safeway.. Bought way more than we’d expected to buy. Which is such a pain for us to take home on the bus, then walk it all the way home. Not very cool. Bags and bags and bags! Heavy too, and awkward to carry.. like two boxes of cereal in one normal sized bag. And then 4L of milk in the other bag! Oh, how I want a car!

Which brings me to the next part.. I’ve been on eBay & craigslist looking up Mustangs & Cameros.. Might go try and find out properly about getting a license here, cause it would be so helpful! Even just driving it to the skytrain station then getting a bus from there. It would be so much easier! So if I was going to get a car, I’d be cool and get a muscle car! Not like I could ever get one back home for a reasonable price!

I’m also pretty interested in getting into car restoration I think. If you did it properly and knew people who knew stuff to help you out, then you’d make money eventually, right? And it would be fun! I’m totally tempted. If I knew anything about doing up cars…

And yeah.. Not much else really. I cooked us a lasagna for dinner tonight. Heidi kept saying that it was “the best meal we’ve had since we’ve been here!” Ahaha. Strange right!?

Soo.. anywhoo. I don’t have much else to say. Still searching for some free dining chairs and whatever else we can score. And I’m still searching for a hedgehog! Someday I’ll find my little hedgie friend…

K, night!

    • g-ma
    • May 31st, 2010

    You make me smile Jess,

    and I am so very proud of you.


    Get a Hedgehog!

    • ahaha grandma, you’re like the only person agreeing with me to get a hedgehog!

      and what do you mean run the mustangs past you? haha they’re great cars! just gotta wait for mum to win the lotto now!

    • g-ma
    • May 31st, 2010

    ps: run the mustangs past me, they sound like my kind of car!

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