Day 41

Aaahh. Today.. wasn’t all that eventful really. Did more than usual though!

Woke up to a call from an Ontario number. I didn’t answer it seeing as the last call I got from a strange number in Quebec was some telephone scam crap so I ignored it. Then I got outta bed and whilst having breakfast, Darren came down to fix the second table. (Darren, Jacquie’s father). So we got the table leg fixed, and he gave me a sander to sand it down. He also brought down a fold up chair he had, so that was pretty cool. I ate lunch at our table, with a chair! It was insane!

Darren and I also put some rubber pad things under our dining table’s legs.. and yeah. Then I had to head out to meet Heidi after work so we could go to Surrey to pick up the printer! So off I went! Heidi said she had to stay back at work a bit longer, so I figured I’d go to the station she was heading to to get on, cause I was way ahead of her time wise. So I met her there, then we headed off to Surrey!

Turns out the printer wasn’t as big or as awkward to carry as expected. So it was fairly easy to get home I guess. I’ve set it up, works and everything. All is good! This is my new desk set up:

That blank spot there.. yeah.. imagine my laptop being there. Or even a second computer monitor! Someday…

We also were invited upstairs to have dinner with Barbara, Darren & the kids tonight. So we went up, they were having a roast. Mmmm roast potatoes… So good. Then we had like fruit salad, and this bread stuff, and chocolate sorta ice cream for dessert.. Yummeh. I’m not sure what the bread was, but it was interesting.

And not much else happened really.. I’m kinda bored. And hungry.. But yeah, not much to do about either of those situations!

Still really want an online/at home job/business! SOMEDAY.

Alrighty.. That’s it from me! Laters!

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