Day 42


So.. today I was woken up by the god damn dogs next door yapping and howling away. Little rats. So not happy about them hey.. I watched some more episodes of the Secret Life and yeah. Then I made a salad for lunch, that took an hour! I honestly didn’t realize it took me so long. Like, wow. I was then in a rush to get to the bus to meet Heidi at the skytrain station, but funnily enough, the bus I got on, she was on! ahaha.

Sooo we then headed downtown to go pick up our SIN numbers, as well as picking up the double pass to see a special advance screening of ‘Marmaduke’ on Thursday night. Apparently it’s not guaranteed a seat though, so it’s first in first served 😐 I guess we’ll have to get there early then. Andd we picked up our SIN numbers and yeah.

Then we headed to Columbia where we met up with one of the guys I met working at the carnival. He wanted to hang out with us so we figured why not. We just ended up back at our place watching TV. No different to any normal night really LOL. We must be very boring people, he kept talking about playing poker. Or video games. Or going out and playing sports LOL. But we’re clearly lazy and not fussed ahaha. I think he said he was going to bring his playstation over next time.. or at least a chess board or cards? Ahahaha funny.

And yeahh. That’s it really. Heidi and I finished off the epic lasagna. It was good. I’m so full now though, thankfully! No more pigging out for me tonight!

Mother also enrolled me into Uni today, so.. I’m a student again!

So yeah.. gonna go sort out that uni stuff now.. bye!

    • Step Dad
    • June 2nd, 2010

    Maybe the dogs owners are away and the teenager that is looking after them is sleeping in with her head phones on while the dogs bark all day?

    • lol no they don’t even live next door. richard was saying that they must babysit the dogs or something for someone else. cause they’ve only been there one other time

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • June 2nd, 2010

    Maybe the dog owners are away and NOONE is looking after them. And they’re all hungry and desperately calling out for help and YOU’RE just ignoring them.

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