Day 43

Oh.. Sup?

Well.. today I didn’t do much. I sat at home trying to work on my website really. Messing around in flash trying some stuff out I guess. Then I was in a rush to meet Heidi at IHOP for lunch. But eventually I got there. And so we had IHOP! Heidi was so excited.. LOL

Mmmm .. Syrup…

We couldn’t decide if we wanted original pancakes, or chocolate chip. So we ordered both and went half half!

Yummy yummy! It was great fun. The melting chocolate chip bits in the chocolate one were great! I was sad though that they didn’t have any waffles!!! >_<

Anywhoo.. we looked around for ages trying to find a place that sold Solo recharges for prepaid.. eventually found one. Then I noticed something was stuffing up with my plan, I really dislike Solo. So we then had to go to Lougheed. So as we were passing our bus stop that we would have normally gotten off to go home, Lexi jumped on. We all were heading to Lougheed clearly, so we chatted for the trip. Haha it was cool. Just randomly bumping into someone we know. FINALLYYY. lol. I miss that. I miss walking around and seeing people I know. It was the highlights of my days.. specially at robina hey.

Anywhoo.. went and argued with Solo again. Not really argued, just bitched. I’m so sick of prepaid. Can’t wait to be 19..

Then we came home, then mum gave me the bad news that Gizmo had disappeared 😦 So I went on a twitter mission. Tweeting endlessly to anyone I could think of on the Gold Coast who could RT it. Eventually got quite a big bunch of people to RT it. Everyone was on the look out! It was great. Made me feel better I guess. Mum and Monte went out and put some signs and stuff up too. And Sarah was nice enough to call the pound for me too. Then Mel and her wonderful family went out to search as well. I felt pretty useless being here and not being able to do anything.. but I guess I lead the twitter frenzy.

Anywhoo.. Sarah then texted me saying the pound rang her and they think they’ve found him and it sounded like it was him. So that was exciting. Then dad called them too. Apparently it is him, and he was described pretty well. I guess we’re still not 100% sure if it is him until dad goes to pick him up tomorrow morning. I really want to know if it is! I don’t want the search to be over for the night if it isn’t! I hope he’s alright. Poor Gizmo.

(PS.. Nicole thankfully had a good picture of him.. I didn’t. All my photos of him he was being retarded, or sleeping retardedly.. thanks Nicole! .. even though you don’t know I used this photo.. and that’s your foot there. LOL)

And yeah.. I bought a soccer ball today too. I’m going to teach myself to do the keep up thing. Add it to my stupid pointless random skills, ey?

Oh, also going to see Marmaduke tomorrow night Downtown. That’ll be exciting. And yeah.. fun fun.


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