Day 44

So like.. yeah.

Woke up to Heidi with the blender going this morning. Really loud and crunching noise was just terrible. Eventually fell back asleep, only to wake up a bit later to those damn dogs next door howling and yapping away.. Then Solo texted me telling me I need to top up asap cause it’s over my billing date. Wth? Still really not happy with them at all.

Anywhoo.. Got up, applied for some more jobs online, sent two angry emails to Solo – neither of which got a reply. Very shitted off with them. Then I headed out a bit later to meet Heidi at Lougheed to go bitch to the guys at Solo. Hopefully it’s all sorted out now, I’m sure in a week or so I’ll have more problems with this crap and have to go back and get shitty again. I cannot wait to be 19 just so I can get on a plan.

On our way to the Skytrain station, I finally got a text from dad saying Gizmo was in his van! Yayyy! Gizmo is A-Okay. But apparently he’s really dirty. But he’s okay and safe now, so I’m super happy!

Then we got on the train, and headed to downtown… walked down Burrard st until we found the Scotia Bank Theater, we were two hours early, but who cares. We had our tickets settled then! We ended up just chilling in the lobby kinda area while we waited, then we went for a walk again down Burrard st for the hell of it. Came back at about an hour until movie start time, bought a popcorn, drink + candy combo. Damn the large drinks here. I swear the cup is like 1L. Needless to say I was DYING to pee on our way home.

So we saw ‘Marmaduke’ by the way. It had the voices of Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, Fergie, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Keifer Sutherland … uhh. George Lopez. Can’t remember who else. It was pretty interesting actually. We enjoyed it. Laughed quite a bit, especially considering it’s a real family movie too. So many young kids were there lol.

And yeah, walking back towards the skytrain station at about 8.30pm was actually really pretty. The sun beginning to set and reflecting off all the buildings Downtown. It was insane. I really regret not taking my camera with me today. I think I’m going to go Downtown again sometime just to take photos of the sunset around there again. Twas good.

So yep. That’s pretty much it. I might head off to bed now, I have the carnival tomorrow! Fun fun fun!

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