Day 45

Today was fun.. I liked today..

Basically.. I got up, had breakfast, got ready.. and went to head out to work! I had to meet Jen again at King George so I was waiting there, iPod in, just waiting.. then Eddie, one of the carnival guys, came up behind me and like grabbed or tapped my bag and said “boo” or “rah” or something, and I’d glanced behind me and almost had a heart attack.. a strange random guy just grabbing my bag!! Then I remembered who it was. LOL. Creepy. But nah, all good.

Soo then we drove to the school where the carnival was at this time and set up and what not. We set up pretty quick today actually, Jen was impressed apparently lol. I think there was 4 of us setting up the games tents so that was good. We we’re totally finished setting up by 3.30. Doug was told in the contract that everything was beginning at 4, but the school decided it wasn’t starting until 5.30. So we were all ready to go and what not but had to wait around then until 5.30. So we all just stood around chatting and everything. It was cool. AND we got paid for it! Haha.

Cause we got to stand around and chat I got to know some of the people a bit more. It was pretty cool. Eventually we did get to start when the kids came out. I was on games this time finally, yay! But it was on the spinning wheel, and it wasn’t that exciting.. lol. But I still enjoyed it.

Then we finished just before 9, and a bunch of us had the game tents taken down and everything before 9.30. So that’s really good. Then that lot of us were done for the night. But I still waited around a bit so I could get a left with Lenny. Luckily he said he’d just drive me to my house again instead of the skytrain station. Considering it was 10.30pm.. That would have sucked lol. So yeah, I was happy. And all was good!

So yep. That’s my carnival excitement. Although for the carnival on Sunday it’s out in Mission.. So that’s like 2 hours on public transport or 1 hour driving apparently. I don’t start til 9.30, but I need to catch a lift and the only lift I can get is with people who start at 8.30. So, I’m getting picked up at 7.25am… ouch. Sucks right?

So.. I might head to bed soon, try and get a heap of sleep to prepare myself for the weekend lol.


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