Day 47

So today started off WAYY too early. I TRIED to get sleep.. but I think I only ended up getting about 5 hours sleep? Thankfully I woke up at 6 on the dot to my alarm. Got up, got ready.. packed myself some food and what not and set off for the day!

I didn’t realize it was raining, until I walked out in it. Wasn’t cool. I don’t like the carnival in the rain, it’s too cold.. and wet!! But it wasn’t so bad I guess… By the time I got out front, Jen was pulling up in the monster truck/ute. I was the first one to be picked up, so everything seemed okay.. Then we picked up Jamie, aka James. I have no idea why they call her James lol. Anywhoo. So that was then Jen, James, me and the dog, Gracie. Then we picked up Ron & Lenny… then Eddie. 6 people and a dog in the car lol. It’s okay though, there was 3 seats in the front, and 3 in the back.. so nothing illegal.

Then it was a pretty long drive to Mission, but we just chatted. The boys didn’t chat tho.. They all just sat there in silence in the back seats lol.

Eventually we got there, it was like 8.30.. James and I weren’t starting until 9.30. John came along eventually and he also wasn’t starting until 9.30 so we just sat under cover and talked for the hour. Then we went and started!

Got everything set up.. in the rain.. it sucked. It was pretty windy too, as well as the damn rain. When we finally started, (behind schedule), Christina and I were on the giant inflatable slide. One of us had to be up top, and one down at the front. I was down the front for most of it. But when I was up top I took a few photos on my phone of my “view at my job” haha. But unfortunately I can’t get them off my phone without a memory card. Sucks. 😦 But it was fun!

Then it rained too much, and the slide was way too dangerous to slide on. I went down it when I was getting down after it’d been awhile with no one on it and it was soo slippery I went so fast and just slid so hard into the wall edge bit of it. (part of the slide) I was like oh dear.. Then Christina went back up and eventually came down and slammed into that wall LOL. Then Doug was like “yeah okay, let’s close the slide.. too dangerous” So we did.. And pretty much hardly anyone was coming.. and it was raining.. we were all so bored. So we closed 2 hours early. Thankfully! Then we packed up the game tents again, got paid, then they hooked up the little ferris wheel to the back of the truck/ute and Jen took us all home! It was pretty funny. A car full of carnies, and a dog, with a ferris wheel on the back that had the seats rocking like crazy. Pretty scary lmao.

Good fun though.. I like the carnival. If only it was like every day.. actually no, every second day..

Oh we also had HEAPS of left over cotton candy cause the lack of people. So we all got like 3 bags each this time, and even then there was heaps more left. No idea what they’ll do with it lol. Oh well. All is good. Fun fun.

Aaaand I’m tired. So I’m going to go to sleep soon I think.. Night!

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