Day 48


So like.. I had a job interview thing today, a phone interview to be exact. I think it went alright actually, one can hope anyways. I should know about that one by noon tomorrow.. and if I get it, I also start it at 4pm tomorrow.. So, that’ll be exciting!

I also got an email saying that one of the pet stores I applied at wants me to come in for “the first interview with our company” so that’s cool, and it’s a really cool pet store too. I’m excited! haha. I really hope I get it to be honest. Yay! Hedgehogs! lol

I had to call them up to book the interview, stupidly I booked it for 3pm forgetting about the other job thing just in case. So I called back and asked if I could change it to an earlier time or on Wednesday.. He goes “is that Allison?” I said “No, Jess James” Then I think he said “okay Justine, 11.30am tomorrow, bye!” >_> Uhh? I’m Jess.. Not Justine.. Well, tomorrow might be awkward now. Ahh well.. We’ll find out.

Oh.. I met Heidi outside the wafflehouse today so we could go shopping, yeah. So glad the bus goes back up the road now instead of dropping us down the road and around the corner. We don’t have to walk up a hill just to walk down it again, it’s great! So much easier for the groceries lol!

I’ve spent every other hour of the day that I haven’t mentioned working on … yeah.

And yep. I think I might head off to bed now. Night!

    • Dom
    • June 8th, 2010

    Ew, default template is default

  1. chyeah. i know. but i really don’t care about it anymore. default ftw now. i’m sick of it lol

    • g-ma
    • June 8th, 2010

    Hey blossom, have a great day

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