Day 49

Morning! Well not really.. but it’s getting close to 3am here..

Yes, I know, my blog is late, but for once I went out and did something. I had somewhat of a social life. So really, you should all be proud!

Well anyways, my day began I woke up early and couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed.. but I had to cause the job interview with the pet store. So off I went. I got there about 40 mins early so I ran to Zellers to find a better shirt than my shirt and hoodie.. I found something on sale for $15.. So hopefully it got me the job hey!

Anywhooo… I went to go to the pet store, and realized the man was having an interview outside with another person so I walked past casually lol and I waited.. came back by at 11.27 or so and he was with someone else having an interview… I talked to the people at the counter and let them know I was here. And it wasn’t until 12 when I finally talked to the man..

I’m hoping it went alright.. like, it’s a really cool pet store! Sif I wouldn’t wanna work there! So we shall wait and see I guess..

After the interview, I went to wireless wave to find out what my best option is for a phone & plan, talked to the guy there for awhile, he was helpful. I think his name was Nick.. Anywhoo. My international texting had stopped working so I went to go find Solo to give them a serve.. but they weren’t there anymore! Needless to say, I wasn’t happy at all. So I went back to wireless wave and asked him. Yarda yarda, long story short.. turns out I just needed to put extra funds on my account in order for it to work. Which is total bullshit really. I had the required amount on there… so why should I need more? Who cares. I want to go on a damn plan.

Then I came home.. made some food.. whatever else I did, TV and stuff… Heidi came home, made herself food.. etc. Jacquie came down later then with some mail and invited us up to watch Glee.. Heidi not liking Glee didn’t want to go up, but I did.

Got up there, we began watching it.. only watched about 10 minutes before being distracted by like my entire family life story thing… Eventually Alexis walked by and Jacquie dragged her into the conversation too and then something came up about Lexi going out tonight and Jacquie kinda forced her to take me along. I felt kinda bad and awkward, but Lexi said she’d like to take me along just depends what the friend who’s house is it says. Totally understandable..

The friends said yes, so I went along for the hell of it. Was kinda fun actually. Like yay, wow, human socializing with people my age! haha. I liked it I guess. We watched some TV and paid out accents and what not. Then we came home at about 1 and Lexi invited me in to watch some more TV so I did. We watched an episode of Buffy then decided it was late.. So yeah, now I’m home and ready for bed!

Therefore…. Sleep time!

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