Day 50

Wow, halfway to 100! Pretty insane…

Today, I really didn’t do much. I woke up at 9, heard Heidi leaving.. then I didn’t really have anything to do so I went back to sleep.. I kept waking up every half hour but just felt like sleeping more. So I did! Then at 12 I figured “oh crap, better get up!” haha. Soooo I had breakfast, watched some TV..

Then I had lunch.. still watching TV. Heidi came home.. Still watching TV.. then Richard and Darren came down to do something with the hot water system thing.. or the systems.. or whatever is in the cupboard we don’t have access to.

Then we had dinner.. Heidi decided to try the baked beans in maple syrup tonight. I tried it a few nights ago and it was TERRIBLE. She couldn’t eat it all either, had to throw it out. It’s just that gross.. I made too many veggies & a fried egg & one of the tofu vegan sausage things or something i bought to try lol. Wasn’t so bad, just covered it in sauce. I felt so very very very full….. I’ve still got veggies left over too. As full as I felt, my stomach feels like it’s starving right now. I had an orange too.. and chocolate covered sultanas.. Heidi bought them, no idea why.. She likes to buy strange foods. I don’t think I like them.. I can’t decide…

But yeah.. other than that, wasn’t a very productive or exciting day..
So that’s it from me…

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