Day 51

Soo.. Now I’m officially a student again. Oh, how exciting..

I don’t get to enjoy any of the student benefits though. Lame. That sucks. I don’t like that.

Again, I didn’t do anything today.. I played Pokemon a bit lol, cause I’m soo cool. And yeah, nothing really. But oh! I found out there’s a juggling festival this weekend! Starts tomorrow and goes through til Sunday. Heidi is working tomorrow, so I guess we’ll go on Saturday. Then on Sunday we’re going to try the MMVA Mystery thing. Yeah.. I’ll explain that on Sunday 🙂

But a juggling festival! So cool! There’s workshops and everything. I think it’s like $15. It’s at UBC. This will be a fun weekend! And yeah, I don’t have much else for today.. So that’s it for todays blog haha


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