Day 53


Today was great! I liked it, a lot. Who wouldn’t like to spend a whole day with a bunch of professionals and learning more juggling skills?! Like seriously, they even taught Heidi how to juggle! she can now 3 ball cascade juggle, and 3 ball bounce juggle and juggle scarves! Yeah! It was good. I learned a lot of new tricks and tips and skills.. I also realized that all of my juggling balls/bounce juggling balls FAIL! But, it’s not like I have the money to pay $20 per ball, right?

This is Heidi juggling and stuff…

But really, it was fun.

Oh… Catching the 99 B-line UBC bus thing isn’t fun! We went from Commercial/Broadway to UBC.. I had to stand the whole time. It really reminded me of a mosh pit, like at Soundwave… except on the bus, it was like dead silent.. Just everyone was crammed like sardines. Not even joking, people actually get rejected and not allowed on, that is of course after everyone is already on top of everyone and if someone was to fart, everyone would just DIE. And it’s one of those epic long buses, like one bus plus another bus or half a bus or something. Yeah, with the funny connector thingy in the middle.. like the buses in Sydney?


Anywhoooo… we headed back to Commercial and had Quizno’s for dinner… Mmmmm! It was actually REALLLYY good…  Then we went to the ‘Mad Skillz Juggling Festival’ show at Rio Theatre where everyone from the workshops today were there and the teachers/professionals were doing a routine and stuff each. It was pretty cool. And out of no where someone threw a balloon in to the crowd of everyone waiting… then another.. then another… eventually there was a heap of balloons! It looked pretty sick..

(fail camera… I can’t see the settings on it’s broken screen!)

And yeah, everyone performing was really good. It was cool. I liked it. But I couldn’t ever do that, I’d freak out on stage in front of everyone lol it’s bad enough doing it in front of a few people or friends.

Oh, we also tried unicycling today. It was hard! I have a new found respect for Abbey & Alex… It was interesting though, we got invited along to their unicycle meets every Wednesday night. It’s free… and they bring extra unicycles.. so that’d be interesting.. We also got invited to go to the Vancouver Juggling Club on Saturday afternoons. So now we’ll have stuff to do, and now that Heidi likes juggling, I won’t be a loner! Yay! (Note: We didn’t get invited cause we’re pro or anything.. we got invited cause they take in anyone and you can learn and stuff with the really good people!) The man who taught Heidi to juggle was showing me some tricks and tips for juggling/bounce juggling & club juggling… He said I had really good control on the clubs, so apparently I have some skill.. I have no idea what that means really.. But, sure! Why not!

And yeah! Exciting stuff! And tomorrow should be fun too hopefully with this… “secret” thing. I’ll explain tomorrow, don’t stressss!


    • melaniee
    • June 13th, 2010

    :O:O what secret thing? how can i not stress when you tell me youre hiding things from me
    *freaks out*

    • g-ma
    • June 15th, 2010

    Hi Melaniee

    travel with us

    well, I’m with Jess in spirit…

    we’ll have fun

    • g-ma
    • June 15th, 2010

    0h and Dom – 8th June

    Hello, but I was totally stuck…what’s a template? Jess seemed to know

    you don’t have to explain, Jess tried to teach me how to use a mobile at least five times…
    well, I can dial and make a call, and sometimes receive

    guess what though, I really don’t wish to know

    but like Melaniee you can travel with us
    give input

    Oh, sorry Jess I’m not the Pied Piper, you are
    so you have the final say

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the MadSkillz Festival! Great to hear what it was like from a participant’s point of view 🙂

    The Saturday afternoon thing you were talking about is very much not the Vancouver Juggling Club, but it is still awesome! It is called Saturday Circus, and started originally as a Vancouver Hoopers event.. and then we invited jugglers and poi spinners and unicyclists and staffers and diaboloistas and and and… and it is awesome! Everyone is welcome, and there’s always lots of extra gear and people willing to get you started.. has all the details!

    • It was a very fun festival! Definitely something out of the ordinary for us coming from Australia, I’m glad we found this!

      Ohh yeah, just had a browse through the site. That’s pretty cool. We’re going to try and make it one week, but I’ve got work this Saturday unfortunately. But maybe next week! Thanks!

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