Day 55

I’m super bored.. and slightly tired.. so this is going to be really rough/rushed and laaame! 🙂 Now you can’t say you weren’t warned..

Basically, I woke up.. The end… YAY.

No but really, I don’t even remember what I did this morning. Checked my emails, had breakfast.. I really have no idea what else. Then I made a salad for lunch, and then got changed and went out to head to the shops..

I missed the first bus JUST.. so I had to wait another half hour. And I was sitting there with my iPod, and I happened to look down at my iPod and look back up and WHAAAT. There goes the bus, right by me.. I was just like :o! ??! And he stopped, just after the bus stop.. so I had to walk up the hill to it. And he’s like “….you gotta stand up, or we won’t see you.” I was like I didn’t even hear or see you coming.. D: and he must have realized I clearly wasn’t a local so he was all “haha well yeah, just friendly advice! Make sure to be watching and stand up before we come up the hill even and stand on the street so we def know you’re there” … Okay noted.

Anywhoo.. Went shopping, got some more fruit and veggies.. oh and milk. Then went to Blockbuster so I could apply for a job. It’s weird how they do “pre-screening interviews” here. But that wasn’t so bad. I think it went alright.. She asked me where my accent was from & I told her Australia then she said “haha, well I’d hire you just cause the accent! maybe someone will quit so we can hire you..” I CAN ONLY HOPE…

So then we went outside, and crossed the road.. and waited for the bus to go home.. Finally it came right, so using my new found friendly advice, we stood up and waited once we saw it coming ……. AND IT DROVE STRAIGHT PAST US. Not happy Jan! I REALLY wasn’t happy, cause my bus ticket only had another 10 minutes left on it. I would have been fine if the bus had stopped! But the next one wasn’t for another half hour. >_< I sent the ‘Bus Times’ phone number an abusive text, but the reply was “Sorry, we couldn’t recognize your request.” Yeah, figures!

So we started walking home..

Then Heidi decided we stop and wait at some other bus stop, so we did.. I think we’d only walked for about 15-20 minutes. Finally the next bus came, and we were happy.. But then there turned out to be an accident on the street our bus turns up.. SO WE COULDN’T GO ON THAT ROUTE D: Which meant we had to get dropped off back at our old stop on 16th, which is really annoying to have to walk up the hill. But, what can you do?

And yep.. that’s pretty much it hey. Now I’m off! Tata!

    • g-ma
    • June 15th, 2010

    Hi beautiful

    love you and a big 🙂

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