Day 56

Another boring post! YAY!

I didn’t do anything again today 🙂
Richard rang up, said he needed to check something again in the little room thing where we don’t have the keys to access.. It has the hot water thing in there and circuts or breakers or something. So he came in to do something with them cause they’re renovating upstairs.. He also brought down some mail, both letters of which were from Sarah.. LOL.

Sarah also sent us some photos, which are now up on our fridge.. It makes the fridge look special now.

What else did I do…. I played more Pokemon… 😐 Shame on me.. Cause really, I didn’t do anything else hey.. But tomorrow afternoon we’re heading downtown to go join the Vancouver Unicycling people! My legs are still recovering from Saturday, but why not go try again ey?

Okay… Laters!

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