Day 57

Hello little ones..

So tonight was pretty exciting.. Can’t say much for the day though. I had a pretty average day until Heidi got home, then we made dinner basically and headed out to go Downtown to join the unicycle people of Vancouver!

We got off at the station though and couldn’t find anyone on unicycles.. So we just walked around the Science World area and actually ended up walking to the next station, Stadium/Chinatown … then we got the train BACK to Science World and looked around again.

The giant Science World ball thing.. I’d found a picture showing it lighting up… let me find it..

But they’re renovating around the bottom at the moment so it’s not as nice right now.

We finally found them though, and we went over and said hi and what not. They were all really nice, they were basically just like “grab a unicycle and get going!” And so we did, and we just hung out along the rail just trying to stay up and slowly move. lol two hours later, I could almost ride without the rail.. but I didn’t really wanna leave it LOL.

There was a chick there from Germany, Marie, but you couldn’t tell she was from Germany.. anywhoo, she was very daring. She put one of the guys on her shoulders, and walked over to her unicycle.. somehow got on, AND RODE WITH HIM ON! So crazy! Wish I’d gotten a photo! It was good as. Then her and one of the other guys, Justin, was standing on the bars of her unicycle.. but something happened and they stacked it and he landed on top of her and yeah. She was fine and all, and then her knee started dripping blood. She insisted she was fine though.. 😐 But when the blood actually was dripping, the people who do it every week decided to clean it up so they bandaged her all up lol. She also had this big Canadian flag that she’s gotten everyone she’s met to sign in the past 6 months. Really cool, we also got to sign it 😛

Crazy people. Another guy was doing a 4×4 rubix cube, whilst riding.. That was cool lol I’ve forgotten his name though.. And yeah. There was a man there, who reminded me of Nicole’s dad! I think his name was Sid? He was cool. I told him I juggle and he was like “Do you have your juggling balls here now?! Go on! Juggle! Show me!” Haha so awkward. But I did, then he did too.. then he rode off on his unicycle while juggling. Seriously, this man isn’t young either. LOL just sayinnn! But it was good. Then he was trying to explain another juggling trick to me.. turns out he goes to the Saturday juggling thing too, so we’ll see him there when we go to juggling as well!

Ohh.. Marie also asked everyone if they wanted to fly.. Everyone was pretty scared and confused by what she meant by fly.. But Heidi just said “yeah okay!” So I got dragged into it as well.. It was basically just 4 people standing in a line. Two face one way, and the other two face the opposite way. Then everyone links arms or something some how, and the two people on the outside will eventually “fly”… Scary, right? Yeah well it wasn’t that fun. LOL. I don’t think we were doing it right, cause they started walking/running around in circles and Heidi and I were up in the air right away! But it really hurt my shoulder. I don’t think they were all linked/holding on to us properly. But it was crazy! And they wanted to try that on unicycles!! Maybe someday when I can actually stay on the unicycle without the rail LOL.

And yeah! It was cool.. Fun fun. We’re going to go every Wednesday! And juggling every Saturday! But not this Sat though, I have carnival!

Anywhoo.. enough blabbering….

    • Step Dad
    • June 17th, 2010

    Hahaha sounds fantastic.
    I think you found a bunch of kindred spirits.
    Proud of you girl, keep enjoying, you are only young once.

    Lotsa love.

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