Day 60

Another awesome carnival day! Good weather! Good turn out! Ahhh fun fun!

Got up epic early though today, mum texted me at like 6.30am or something stupid. LOL. Telling me I should be on my way! But my alarm was going off at quarter to 7. I had to get the 7.59 bus. Anywhoo. Got to the bus, sat for a bit.. watched a woman on the other side of the road run up the ramp thing above the road to cross . (hard to explain it). Then she came and sat next to me, and we were talking about the bus.. then she’s like “so you’re from Australia?” then we spent the whole bus ride talking, and then we walked up to the skytrain still talking.. then our trains came at the same time so off we went our separate ways. She was nice. Didn’t catch her name though. But she said “Maybe we can talk again next time at the bus stop!” Haha.

Then I ended up getting to King George station half an hour early.. so I COULD have taken the half hour later train.. but I guess it’s better to be early than late, right?

Soo Jaclyn came and got me, then she was all excited cause I was early it means she gets to go to the better Tim Hortons.. LOL. Canadians are like obsessed with Tim Hortons.. Screw McDonalds here.. It’s Tim Hortons all the way apparently! So that was pretty interesting going through their drive thru.. SUPER fast between you ordering and driving to the next window. They pretty much shoved the food at you before you even pull up at the next window. Pretty impressive. And Jaclyn was telling me about their timer thing to time themselves for their service. Crazy haha. Jen told me that saying you don’t like Tim Hortons is saying you don’t like Canada.. I guess I have to go try Tim Hortons at some stage?

Yarda yarda.. we got to the carnival at like 9.30 yeah, our start time. Began setting everything up and all that crazy stuff for a carnival. I think everyone must have been pretty tired or something still from yesterday, cause we ended up putting like two or three tents facing the wrong way. And mixed everything up. It was really weird. Usually we’re all totally pro and have it up in no time! LOL. I know my thumb is like bruised though, I really need to get a lighter. I was using a rock today as substitute for my lack of lighter or car key. The tent’s can get pretty tough to raise and lower if you don’t have enough pressure to push the pins in..

What else… Oh, I was working on the Pond game today.. So not as exciting as Chicken in a pot, or Alien.. or even Rolldown.. I’d probably rather play Spin too 😐 LOL. Ahhh well. Luckily I was next to Alien, so I kept running by and shooting some cans down. Good fun! But I sucked! Way to have all the guys laugh at me…. Grr. One day..

Oh yeah, there’s two new guys at the carnival. Mike & Rick. They moved here from Alberta at the beginning of May. So they’re kinda new to Vancouver as well, just like us! We’ve all been here like 2 months. So now I don’t feel as lame when someone says some place and I have no idea where it is. Cause they don’t either! HAH! They gave me a lift home today too, and Eddie also. That was a funny trip. Mike has like a bank in the floor of his back seat.. You can just grab hand fulls of coins! It was insane! It was all just like crappy pocket change like pennys and stuff I guess, but there was so many! Apparently he once had it in a jar but it all fell out while he was moving to Vancouver lol. Sureee…

Oh.. Andre was talking to Mike today too about how Aussie women have it hard, because Australian men are all losers and what not. I forgot what he called them. Something starting with M. like masculine or something offensive though. Ahh I forgot. But it was funny. He’s like, “Sure, they’re all good looking and tanned and stuff just cause they surf.. but they’re right down assholes.” It was funny. LOL. And later Eddie was asking me if I was sick of the “Aussie Aussie Aussie… Oi Oi Oi” thing yet. I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to be sick of it.. I hardly ever hear it. LOL

Can’t think of what else.. But yeah. Oh, I think I’m seriously the youngest person who works at the carnival.. by like 2 years. But I could be wrong.. But I’m like the baby there, like seriously. Kinda weird. But they all seem young though I guess!

And now I’m super tired. And sore. And burnt. The sun here is terrible!. I should have put sunscreen on my lips? They’re so bright red and sore. Probably swollen a bit too. Dislike the sun..


    • Mum
    • June 20th, 2010

    Wonder what Aaron thinks about the derogatory comments about Aussie guys……

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • June 22nd, 2010

    …I think your mother likes me.

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