Day 61

Today – It was Fathers Day in North America!
So, Happy Fathers Day!

We went out to church today with the upstairs crew. Minus one, of course! Haha. And yeah.. Oh, so I don’t remember if I mentioned it but on Wednesday night or something we were talking to this guy at the bus stop waiting for our bus. And yeah.. then at church, we sit down and he’s infront of us and he turns around like “oh hey, I met you guys at the bus stop the other night!” LOL. So very random!

Then yeah, after church there was a BBQ on at the park for Fathers Day, then after the BBQ they had their baseball games. Which go on every Sunday afternoon. So we watched that too. We did a Starbucks run as well cause it was kinda cold – that was funny haha. Heidi and I got hot chocolates, while everyone else had coffee basically. I got told yesterday on the way to the carnival that there are two types of Canadians.. The Starbucks drinkers and the Tim Hortons drinkers… LOL. We’re still yet to have Tim Hortons though!

Hmm.. What else.. Oh, I found a lighter on the ground at the baseball park! Now I’ve got one for the carnival and I can give my thumb a rest! That’s very good, cause my thumb is still really sore!

We also went to Metrotown with Jacquie has she had to buy something for a wedding gift I think it was.. so we tagged along for that. Ended up running into Eddie from the carnival in there! That was funny. Totally made my day cause I miss being able to like go to Robina and just walk around and see a heap of people I know. So now, surprisingly, I might be able to start doing that! But it’s very very very VERY unlikely that it’ll happen often. There’s SO many people at the shops and stuff and most of the carnies live in Surrey area. So this was a very strange occurrence.

Then what… We then came home I guess, and were invited out to dinner with them as well. So we basically went back to ours and chilled for an hour before heading back out with them again. We went to a place called “Wings” for dinner. Needless to say, they specialize in a heap of different flavored chicken wings. Cam and his family came along too, and we couldn’t end up getting a table to seat us all. So we ended up getting split 4 and 4. The 4 parents went on one, and Heidi, Brodie, me and Cam’s daughter… Sarah I think? All sat at another. So we got nachos to start with, then they all had wings and what not.. while I got garlic cheesy bread 🙂 ..Which really wasn’t that great. I was hoping for something more like at Sizzler or Hogs Breath.. But it was icky like really processed cheese I guess. Sucked.

And then we went to Dairy Queen after wards! I didn’t eat much of mine, so it’s in the freezer for tomorrow! Haha! Oh, everyone kept making jokes at my expense tonight too. Trying to set me up with someone/anyone from the church really.. THANKS GUYS. D: Heidi was like, “think of the things you could share… like citizenship” LOLOL. Terrible.. You guys suck! Just sayin!

Then we went back home, and we went upstairs with them and watched the Glee season finale episode cause we missed it. It was pretty good I guess hey. Then we watched some of 50 First Dates but Heidi had already headed back downstairs to shower and go to bed. Then Brodie was tired too, so I came home.. and yep, here I am! Bored and slightly tired. May as well sleep, there’s not much else I can do.

So yeah!


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