Day 62


So I didn’t do much today, watched the Red Carpet special of the MMVA’s. Then I watched a few episodes of ‘Harpers Island’ It had aired in Australia, only for two episodes though. It was a flop apparently. But Brodie was telling me about it last night and gave me the entire series to watch cause he said it was really good. So I’m gonna spend the next day or two watching all 13 episodes lol. It’s alright ey..

I also met Heidi after work and we went and did some shopping.. Then came home, and watched more TV. So yep, nice and exciting hey!

Ohh.. I’ve got a job interview on Wednesday as well. Just for a data entry job thing. So yeah, we’ll see how that goes..

Aaaaand right now I’m watching Eurotrip. Funny movie. Might watch some more Harpers Island after this, or sleep.. We’ll see…


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