Day 63

Again, I didn’t do anything exciting.

I finished watching the TV series Brodie told me to watch. The ‘Harpers Island’ one. Pretty good hey, such a twist. It was like woah. It really does start off lame compared to how it ends lol. Good watch though if you feel like watching a whole series. It’s only 13 episodes long and that’s it. So twisted!

What else… not much.. Hmm. Watched the next episode of “Pretty Little Liars” tonight, it’s a pretty good series too so far I think.

Oh, I have my job interview tomorrow.. That’ll be exciting :S I suck at interviews clearly. And this one is for data entry.. I don’t look office like, or sound office like.. This will end terribly I’m sure. Ah well, wish me luck.

Now I’m just watching music video countdown again, as I do most nights! It’s my entertainment. Cause I’m so bored right now.. Like really bored.. Yeah.

Okay… Cool..

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