Day 64


So, I didn’t do much this morning.. I woke up super early cause I could hear Heidi talking in the lounge… I don’t remember what time that was. But I ended up going back to sleep and then waking up again like an hour or more later thinking “oh, must be like 9.30 or 10.. Heidi will be at work” but it was only 7.30! Ugh! So early D: But I managed to get back to sleep thankfully,  then woke up again at 10 haha.

I pretty much just listened to music and stuff for awhile.. Then I got ready to head out for my job interview! Sooo I met Heidi on the bus at like 2.40, then we went to the skytrain station.. jumped on the train, and headed back to Vancouver!

Got off at Broadway, had to get on the crazy bus again! The one that’s jam packed like sardines! We had to catch it to go to the juggling festival at UBC the other weekend. It’s a huge bus, like two bus lengths long, and still people are just crammed into it. It’s crazy! Luckily we got a seat on the way there.. Can’t say much for the way back.. the doors wouldn’t close cause we were so packed in haha. Eventuallly we all crammed in though.. some people actually can’t even get on it. It’s terriblee..

Anywhooo.. Went and had my interview.. It’s for a Data entry job btw. Hopefully I get it, money is money.. But yeah, we’ll see. Anyways, we got back on the crammed bus and went back to Broadway… We went to the dollar store. Even though it’s actually the $1.25 store haha it’s funny cause they’ve stuck on the “.25” to their signs LOL. Then we went and had Quizno’s again.. Mmmmm!

Then we got back on the train and went to Science World for the unicycling again! That was cool. I fell on my ass this time. It was kind of like slow motion. I was getting ahead of myself I guess trying to let go of the rail LOL I guess I peddled too fast for the wheel to keep up with me and then I just flopped backwards. It was funny. Kinda hurt my shoulder though cause I caught myself wrong. Meh. And the unicycle I’ve been using is terrible on the side of your ankle. I had a bruise there from last week and I just went and bruised over the top of it so that sucks. Might stick something there next time.

There was a really cool dog there too lol a golden retriever called Casey. She was such an attention seeker lol but lots of fun. Some of the people were trying to unicycle & hula hoop at the same time.. yeah that was interesting haha. Our friend Sid from last week wasn’t there this time! Maybe we’ll see him on Saturday at the juggling thing.

Anywhooo.. We then went to McDonalds & they had this deal which was like $1 for any soft drink, any size.. limited time offer kinda thing. So we got two largee soft drinks. And it was the one where you fill it yourself.. So Heidi ended up filling hers up 3 times LOL. We sat there for ages.. just chilling. Laughing at people.. Playing table hockey with our phones and a $2 coin.. Then someone asked us for any change, and we were like sorry.. got none.. and our $2 was just sitting on the table. Oops. Haha! Meh!

It was like 9pm then all these weird people started coming into Maccas.. but there was already HEAPS of people in there. I think it’s a 24 hr one, and right there at Science World station so lots of people go by it I’m guessing. It was a big Maccas too! Seating wise I mean. So yeah..

Then we went to the station, and a train came but it was JAM PACKEDD. We couldn’t fit on it. So we were like “okay, we’ll wait for the next one..” next one comes along, and it’s even worse. But we just rammed ourselves in there. Lucky we were only going one station over where we have to make our transfer thing. Then yeah.. trained it home. Then had to wait 20 mins at the station for our bus to come.. So we decided to play that “I went to the shops and bought a …” game. This is what we ended up with…

“I went to the shops and bought an Apple, a Banana, a Carrot, a Dog, an Elephant, a Frog, a Gorilla cheeseburger, a Horse, an Igloo, a Jackaroo, a Key cutter guy, a Lemur, a Manicure set, a Numbat, an Open heart surgery kit, a Possum, a Quest book, a Rabbit, a Softball bat, a Television, an Umbrella, a Vagina, a Waffle, an Xbox, a Yellow flag, and a Zigzag handbag! … and I charged it to Heidi’s tab!” can you guess who’s was who’s? LOL.

Then yeah.. got home.. and here I am. Bored again!
Gonna go chilll… Laters!

    • Dom
    • June 24th, 2010

    You stated with A!

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • June 24th, 2010


    • DAD
    • June 24th, 2010

    What THE!!!

  1. what 😮

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • June 24th, 2010


    • neesolay
    • July 4th, 2010

    lmao vagina waffle

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