Day 66

Ahahaha Kahni had to get her appendix out. So funny… and I can laugh cause I’ve had it done too. She’s almost the same age I was when I had mine… how weird is that..?

So, what’d I do today? Hmm..

Well I was looking up hedgehogs again, as I do. Found someone selling theirs for $75. Comes with it’s cage, wheel, igloo, water bottle, food dish, box & a half of food, and the hedgehog. He’s a 2 year old named “Confuzzle”. I totally want him! D: TAKING DONATIONS GUYS. Oh, I have an idea! Every time someone reads my blog, they have to pay me .50c per blog post they read! I’d have the $75 in no time then! 😉

What else… Oh, we went out to youth group with Brodie tonight. That was interesting. It was like a couple of the older boys in a band most of the night just playing for everyone. I think those guys were like 19-20’s ish? One of them is getting married.. so they raised money and then shaved off another guys hair. LOL. Strange! But funny!

Cam also got up to do the normal preaching thing cause he’s the churchs pastor… and he was like “who had to leave really early to get here today?” then he’s like “4? 5? 6?” then he goes “well we’ve got some people here today who had to travel for ages! they don’t know I’m doing this.. but we have two girls all the way from Australia here with us! stand up girls!” Heidi was gonna kill him, I swear. LOL.

Ohhh.. and they had a BBQ and what not. I had some nachos! From the weird cheese sauce nacho machine 😐 That was cool.. but weird. The cheese was all warm when it first went on.. then it just went all cold quickly LOL.

Then it was just everyone hanging out really, eating food and stuff.Then they put on a movie upstairs. I don’t even remember what it was called. But it was old… and it had Matthew Broderick in it. Ferris Bueller’s day off or something of the sort. We got bored quickly with that though so we decided it was time to go home!

So we jumped on the train and headed back to the stop before Lougheed where Jacquie was waiting to pick us up, oh and Brodie’s friend. And yep, now we’re home! And I’m super bored again as usual…

So, yep!

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