Day 67

Today.. I woke up at like 11. Cause some number called me, and I said a sleepy hello? .. heard nothing. So I figured it was another robotic voice spam/scam thing. But I still said hello, again. Then I heard like an Asian I think it was say “I can’t hear you!” Then I don’t remember who hung up.. Them probably. I was still asleep basically lol. So that was weird.. and quite annoying cause it woke me up. But I was so surprised I slept until 11. 😐 That’s odd!

Anywhooo… I couldn’t be bothered doing much then today, I was tired still. Then Jacquie rang up at about 1.30 asking if we wanted to go to Costco with her later, so we said yes.. then went back to doing nothing while we waited until 3.15 when she said we would be going.

I was brushing my teeth at about 3, when Barbara & Darren came down carrying chairs! So we now have chairs! Pretty cool. They got them for free! Cause they need a bit of work cause they’re rickety apparently. So that’s fine by us! CHAIRS! I had a mouth full of toothpaste though while they were there, and it just kept building up. I didn’t want to be rude and just like run off, so I just kept brushing and nodding. Heidi did the talking for both of us then LOL. I apologized later though and they were laughing and said that was fine haha. Lucky.

Sooo then we went to Costco. Everything is in bulk there. But not always cheaper! But a lot of stuff is.. We ended up getting like a bulk thing of tinned tomatoes and tomato soup.. For the future lasangas we’re gonna make. But we got so many in t he bulk lot that I think we’re set for the next year for that stuff.

We managed to somehow spend $121 in there.. It didn’t feel like we got much though.. A 2kg thing of peanut butter, a 1kg of honey.. OH DAMN I JUST REMEMBERED WE FORGOT TO GET THE PREMIUMS THAT WE PUT THE PEANUT BUTTER & HONEY ON… damn! But yeah… as I was saying… we also got a huge thing of carrots LOL. And eggs.. I don’t even remember what else.. Oh, pasta. And pasta sauce.. And I got more of my Quaker museli bars! I like them.. Mmmm.

But yeah, we managed to spend a lot.. we didn’t even think we needed much really.. We still need veggies, but there wasn’t anything else really there veggie wise. It changes all the time apparently.

So then we came home.. and yeah, that was it really. LOL. Made pasta for dinner.. I’m so full from it. Lucky I didn’t make extra, we wouldn’t have fitted seconds! It’s like “seven cheeses” flavoured pasta. Like the ravioli type? With cheeses inside.. And then I put more cheese on it after. Heidi called me a cheese freak D: Shame!

And yep, not much else.. Oh! I really want that hedgehog! Mum kept saying how cute it was. LOL. See! Someone give me $75! D:

Yeah, I’m for realz!
Imma go to sleep, while you guys get me $75. Okay? Deal. Night!

    • Mum
    • June 27th, 2010

    taking collections for your hedgehog…………

    Oh ye of high expectations………..

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