Day 68

Today was a big day. I’m very tired. But it was carnival day! So I was ‘super stoked!’

Basically, I got up at about 7.30. Caught the 8.30 bus to the station, then I got the train to Columbia station then had to change trains to go Scott Road? I think that’s what it’s called.. Then from there I had to get a bus to 112th street & 86th avenue.. Unfortunately, due to the parade going on with the event we were working at.. there was a big road closure on the bus route.. but it wasn’t supposed to be closed until like, 11.. It was closed at 9.45 -.-. So the bus detoured majorly, and I ended up getting off at 116th & 80th. I couldn’t get a bus back the other way, cause it didn’t come until 10.43! So I had to walk 6 blocks back one way, and then 4 blocks up another. And it was a dodgy seeming area :S So I rang Heidi to keep me company just in case someone tried to steal me haha. Like that man walking a bit in front of me.. LOL.

FINALLYYY I saw all these tents and got excited that I’d finally gotten there, probably was almost half an hour of walking later.. I told Jen when I walked in and she was shocked I guess. It was such a bitch to walk. But such is life. Anywhoo.. Yeah, then it was work time!

So we set up, worked, all that jazz. I was on the spin ‘n win again. Such a non exciting game when no one is playing it. At least with the chicken in a pot and alien game you can actually play the game yourself and have fun lol. But at least I wasn’t doing one of the rides in the rain! So I was fine with that!

What else… Ohhh! They just got some new temporary tattoo things in for the carnival! They’re so cool.

Oh, BTW, Mike also gave me his old microSD card that he no longer needed cause he has an iPhone! So now I can go wild with my camera photos. Which I like way better than having to carry a bulky camera everywhere and then having to pull it out and wait for it to turn on in time and stuff when I could quickly grab the camera on my phone.. Just for some things when I’m out and stuff you know? Like when quick things happen… like the man walking his hamster. I can now show you guys that photo! You gotta look closely though. I kinda missed..

And another photo.. This was my view a couple of weeks back on top of the slide ride at work. I have a better view than you do!

And yeah! Then I got a lift home again luckily, and that’s pretty much my day over! The rest of it I just chilled on the couch as usual haha. So yep. That’s it! Laters!

    • g-ma
    • June 28th, 2010

    I thought I was going to read,
    “had pasta, am bored-dd”

    but no, we walked and walked and

    I can’t see the hamster, is that its shadow?

    You are tired? Well, you are allowed to be..

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